Material Perspectives on Religion, Conflict, and Violence

Things of Conflict


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How do objects become contested in settings characterized by (violent) conflict? Why are some things contested by religious actors? How do religious actors mobilize things in conflict situations and how are conflict and violence experienced by religious groups? This volume explores relations between materiality, religion, and violence by drawing upon two fields of scholarship that have rarely engaged with one another: research on religion and (violent) conflict and the material turn within religious studies. This way, this volume sets the stage for the development of new conceptual and methodological directions in the study of religion-related violent conflict that takes materiality seriously.

Contributors are Christoph Baumgartner, Margaretha van Es, Lucien van Liere, Erik Meinema, Birgit Meyer, Daan F. Oostveen, Younes Saramifar, Joram Tarusarira, Tammy Wilks.
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Lucien van Liere, Ph.D. (2006), is Associate Professor of Religion and Violence at Utrecht University. He has published many articles and book chapters on religion, conflict, and violence and has edited several volumes including Contesting Religious Identities (Brill 2017).
Erik Meinema, Ph.D. (2021), is lecturer in Religious Studies at Utrecht University. His research focuses on religious coexistence in Kenya and he has published peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Religion, Africa, and the Journal of Religion in Africa.
Preface and Acknowledgements
Notes on Contributors

1 Material Religion, Conflict, and Violence
 Lucien van Liere and Erik Meinema

2 Accessing Things of Conflicts
Poking Anthropology with Guns, Martyrdom, and Religion
Younes Saramifar

3 Material Politics, Violence, and Religion
A Comparative Study of Islam and Buddhism in the People’s Republic of China
Daan F. Oostveen

4 Bypassing the Bulldozer
The Materiality of State Violence on Religion in Kibera, Nairobi
Tammy Wilks

5 When Times Are Out of Joint
Contestations of Official Temporal Religious Forms
Christoph Baumgartner

6 Witchcraft, Terrorism, and ‘Things of Conflict’ in Coastal Kenya
Erik Meinema

7 What’s in That Picture?
Humanitarian Photographs and the Christian Iconography of Suffering and Violence
Lucien van Liere

8 The Significance of Materiality in Conflict Analysis, Healing, and Reconciliation
Joram Tarusarira

9 A Ring of Peace around the Oslo Synagogue
Muslims and Jews Expressing Interfaith Solidarity in Response to the Paris and Copenhagen Attacks
Margaretha A. van Es

Things for Thought
Birgit Meyer

Undergraduate students in religious studies and conflict studies. Development practitioners and governments who work on peacebuilding, reconciliation, and/or countering violent extremism. Scholars and institutes working on religion, conflict, and violence.
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