Digital Fashion Communication

An (Inter)cultural Perspective


Fashion is an integral part of popular culture, closely intertwined with tales, magazines, photography, cinema, television, music and sports...up to the emergence of dedicated exhibitions and museums.
Fashion is undergoing a major digital transformation: garments and apparels are presented and sold online, and fashion trends and styles are launched, discussed and negotiated mainly in the digital arena. While going well beyond national and linguistic borders, digital fashion communication requires further cultural sensitivity: otherwise, it might ignite inter-cultural misunderstandings and communication crises.
This book presents the recent transformation of fashion from being a Cinderella to becoming a major cultural attractor and academic research subject, as well as the implications of its digital transformation. Through several cases, it documents intercultural communication crises and provides strategies to interpret and prevent them.
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Alice Noris, MA, USI – Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland), is completing a Ph.D. on the overlapping area between digital fashion and intercultural communication. Her background is in foreign languages and literatures.

Lorenzo Cantoni, Ph.D. (1997), USI – Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland), is director of the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication, and chair-holder of a UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites.
 1 Fashion and (Popular) Culture
 2 Fashion and Communication (Technologies)
 Concluding Remarks
The book is intended for (post-graduate) students of Fashion Studies, (Digital) Communication and Marketing, Popular Culture and Intercultural Communication. It is also of interest for professionals of Fashion Communication and Marketing, who want to manage their activities in a way that is fully aware of intercultural issues.
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