Field Station Bahia

Brazil in the Work of Lorenzo Dow Turner, E. Franklin Frazier and Frances and Melville Herskovits, 1935-1967


This book offers a new perspective on the making of Afro-Brazilian, African-American and African studies through the interrelated trajectory of E. Franklin Frazier, Lorenzo Dow Turner, Frances and Melville Herskovits in Brazil. The book compares the style, network and agenda of these different and yet somehow converging scholars, and relates them to the Brazilian intellectual context, especially Bahia, which showed in those days much less density and organization than the US equivalent. It is therefore a double comparison: between four Americans and between Americans and scholars based in Brazil.
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Livio Sansone, Ph.D (1992), University of Amsterdam, is Professor of Anthropology at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). He has published on ethnicity, inequalities, ideas of race and antiracism, heritage, with research in the UK, the Netherlands, Suriname, Brazil, Italy, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau. His best known books are Blackness Without Ethnicity. Creating Race in Brazil (New York: Palgrave, 2003) and La Galassia Lombroso (2022, Laterza, Italy).
Scholars, graduate and undergraduate students interested in African-American, Africana, Latin-American, Ethnic and African Studies. Sociologists, anthropologists, historians, biographers and historians of the social sciences. Black and antiracist activists.
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