Centers and Peripheries in Romance Language Literatures in the Americas and Africa


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What is center and periphery? How can centers and peripheries be recognized by their ontological and axiological features? How does the axiological saturation of a literary field condition aesthetics? How did these factors transform center-periphery relationships to the former metropolises of Romance literatures of the Americas and Africa? What are the consequences of various deperipheralization contexts and processes for poetics? Using theoretical sections and case studies, this book surveys and investigates the limits of globalization. Through explorations of the intercultural dynamics, the aesthetic contributions of former peripheries are examined in terms of the transformative nature of peripheries on centralities.
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Petr Kyloušek (1952), Masaryk University, Czech Republic, is a professor of Romance literatures. He has published monographs and articles, mainly on French and Quebec literatures, including History of French-Canadian and Quebec Literature (2005).
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Notes on Contributors

Petr Kyloušek

1 What Is the Center and What Is the Periphery?
Petr Kyloušek

Part 1 Processes of Deperipheralization

2 What Does Deperipheralization Refer to?
Petr Kyloušek

3 American Francophone Literature: Quebec, Martinique, Haiti
Petr Kyloušek

4 The Deperipheralization of Spanish Latin America
Daniel Vázquez Touriño

5 Surviving the Borderlands: Living Sin Fronteras, Becoming a Crossroads: The Deperipheralization of the Chicano/a Cultural/Literary Space
Markéta Riebová

6 The Long Journey of Brazilian Literature toward Autonomy: The 19th Century
Eva Batličková

7 The Search for the Singularity of Brazilian Literature in the 20th Century
Zuzana Burianová

8 The Shared History of Maghreb Countries
Míla Janišová

9 French Africa: A Colonial Victory or a Moral One?
Vojtěch Šarše

10 Sub-Saharan African Literature in French from the 1980s to the Present: The Symbolic Year 1980 as an Aesthetic and Thematic Turn
Petr Vurm

11 Angola and Mozambique
Silvie Špánková

Part 2 Centralities

Introduction to Part 2: Centralities
Petr Kyloušek

12 Paris—Centrality as an Initiator of Deperipheralization
Petr Dytrt,Eva Voldřichová Beránková

13 Innovation and Networks in the Spanish Novel of the 1960s: Juan Goytisolo
José Luis Bellón Aguilera

14 From Migrant Literature to Contemporary Literature of Transcultural Italy: Forms and Effects of a Strategic Marginality
Chiara Mengozzi

Part 3 Case Studies

Introduction to Part 3: Case Studies
Petr Kyloušek

15 “Lâche pas la patate”: French Language Cultures in Louisiana
Daniel Paul Sampey

16 The Creolization of Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique) and René Depestre (Haiti): Language and Center-Periphery Relationship
Milena Fučíková

17 Abdelkébir Khatibi: The Labyrinth of Language
Míla Janišová

18 Biculturation, Bilingualism and Orality in the Deperipheralization of Cuban-American Literature
Marta Hudousková

19 The Caribbean Diaspora and the Construction of Thirdspace in Josefina Báez’s Performative Text Levente No. Yolayorkdominicanyork
Martina Bařinová

20 Gloria Anzaldúa: Opening up Space at the Border
Markéta Riebová

21 Rui Knopfli, a Nomad between Babylon and Sion
Silvie Špánková

22 The Literary Production of Minority Groups in Contemporary Brazilian Literature
Zuzana Burianová

23 Finding Dialogue through Translation: Literature by Brazilian Indigenous Authors
Eva Batličková, Caroline Ivanski Langer

24 From the Desert to the Indigenous Utopia, from the Literary Periphery to the Center
The Adventures of China Iron as a Case of the Internationalization of Peripheral Literatures
Eva Lalkovičová

25 Conclusion
Petr Kyloušek

Literary theorists, comparatists, scholars and students of Romance and other literatures, academic libraries.
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