Essays on Marx’s Capital

Summaries, Appreciations and Reconstructions


In this book Geert Reuten presents 21 of his previously published essays on the three volumes Marx’s Capital, dating from 1991–2019. The essays largely take the form of a summary of Marx’s text (a Volume or its Parts or Chapters) followed by an appreciation and (when required) a reconstruction. The book thus offers an overview of each of the three volumes of Capital, including their interconnection, as well as a focus on specific Parts of Capital. Throughout the general overviews and more focused analyses, Reuten emphasises Marx’s systematic-dialectical method and his monetary value-form analysis.
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Geert Reuten, PhD (1988), taught for 35 years economics at the University of Amsterdam’s School of Economics, where he is currently a guest research associate. He has authored four academic books, edited six volumes, and published 80 academic articles (accessible at
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Abstracts of all chapters

Part A General outlines of, and comments on, the three volumes of Marx’s Capital

1 Karl Marx: his work and the major changes in its interpretation (2003)

2 Marx’s conceptualisation of value in Capital (2019)

3 Dialectical method (1998)

4 Marx’s method (1998)

5 The interconnection of Systematic Dialectics and Historical Materialism (2000)

Part B Capital I – outlines and comments

6 The difficult labour of a theory of social value; metaphors and systematic dialectics at the beginning of Marx’s ‘Capital’ (1993)

7 Money as constituent of value; the ideal introversive substance and the ideal extroversive form of value in Marx’s Capital (2005)

8 Productive force and the degree of intensity of labour; Marx’s concepts and formalisations in the middle part of Capital I (2004)

9 The inner mechanism of the accumulation of capital: the acceleration triple; A methodological appraisal of ‘Part Seven’ of Marx’s Capital I (2004)

Part C Capital II – outlines and comments

10 Marx’s Capital II, The circulation of capital – general introduction (1998; with Christopher Arthur)

11 The status of Marx’s reproduction schemes; conventional or dialectical logic? (1998)

12 Some notes on Marx’s macroeconomics avant la lettre (2023/2014)

Part D Capital III – outlines and comments

13 Marx’s Capital III, the culmination of capital; Introduction (2002)

14 Marx’s rate of profit transformation: methodological, theoretical and philological obstacles – an appraisal based on the text of Capital III and manuscripts of 1864–65, 1875 and 1878 (2009)

15 The productive powers of labour and the redundant transformation to prices of production; a Marx-immanent critique and reconstruction (2017)

16 The notion of tendency in Marx’s 1894 law of profit (1997)

17 ‘Zirkel vicieux’ or trend fall?; the course of the profit rate in Marx’s ‘Capital III (2004)

18 Accumulation of capital and the foundation of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (1991)

19 From the ‘fall of the rate of profit’ in the Grundrisse to the cyclical development of the profit rate in Capital (2011; with Peter Thomas)

20 Destructive creativity; institutional arrangements of banking and the logic of capitalist technical change (1998)

21 The rate of profit cycle and the opposition between Managerial and Finance Capital; a discussion of ‘Capital III’ Parts Three to Five (2002)

Appendix A: List of the author’s academic publications on Marx’s Capital
Appendix B: List of the author’s academic publications on, or within, the post-Marx marxian paradigm
Appendix C: Authored and edited books
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People interested in Marx’s Capital, and/or the history of economic theory (or political economy), including scholars and students, and those seeking reconstructions or theoretical developments from this work.
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