A Short History of Christianity Beyond the West

Asia, Africa, and Latin America 1450-2000


Today, the majority of the world's Christian population lives in the Global South. Knowledge of their history is therefore indispensable. This textbook offers a compact and vivid overview of the history of Christianity in Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1450, focussing on diversity and interdependence, local actors and global effects. Maps, illustrations and numerous photos as well as continuous references to easily accessible source texts support the reader's own reading and its use in various forms of academic teaching.
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Klaus Koschorke is professor emeritus at Munich University LMU (Chair‚ Early and Global History of Christianity). He has multiple guest professorships in Asia (India, China, Japan, Korea), Africa (South Africa, Ethiopia) and UK. He has published widely on the history of Christianity in the Global South and developed the concept of polycentricity in the history of World Christianity.
This textbook and study guide is intended for a variety of audiences: students and teachers of church history; religious studies; mission history and World Christianity; various regional, cultural and postcolonial studies; global history and history of globalization; anthropology of Christianity; etc. At the same time, it is directed also to a wider public interested in the global dimensions of Christianity and its history
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