The Transformation of Economic Life under the Roman Empire

Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Roman Empire, c. 200 B.C. - A.D. 476), Nottingham, July 4-7, 2001


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Did a Roman imperial economy exist under the Late Republic, the Roman Principate and the Later Roman Empire? And if so, what type of economy was it? Another equally important question is: did the Roman Empire, by specific actions, the creation of infrastructures, or its very existence, trigger a transformation of economic life in the regions which it dominated? Or was the Empire a marginal affair in the regions that belonged to it, and did economic developments take their own course, independently of the Empire? Questions like these, which are of great consequence to any student of Roman history, archaeology, and Roman law, are treated in this volume, which in its successive parts focuses on:
1. The character of the Roman economy.
2. Economic life in particular regions of the Roman Empire.
3. The economy of the Later Roman Empire.
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BLOIS, L. DE, H.W. PLEKET, J. RICH: Introduction. BANG, P.F.: Romans and Mughals. Economic Integration in a Tributary Empire. BLOIS, L. DE: The Crisis of the Third Century A.D. in the Roman Empire: A Modern Myth? DRINKWATER, J.F.: Prologue and Epilogue. The Socio-Economic Effect of Rome's Arrival in and Departure from Gaul. ELTON, H.W.: The Economic Fringe: the Reach of the Roman Empire in Rough Cilicia. ERDKAMP, P.P.M.: A Starving Mob has no Respect. Urban Markets and Food Riots in the Roman World, 100 B.C. - A.D. 400. KOLB, A.: Impact and Interaction of State Transport in the Roman Empire. LEVEAU, PH.: Indicateurs paléoenvironnementaux et économie rurale. Le cas de la Gaule Narbonnaise. LIEBESCHUETZ, W.: Unsustainable Development; the Origin of Ruined Landscapes in the Roman Empire. LIGT, L. DE: Tax Transfers in the Roman Empire. MATTINGLY, D.J.: Impacts beyond Empire: Rome and the Garamantes of the Sahara. POLICHETTI, A.: Costo del lavoro e potere d'acquisto nell' Editto dei Prezzi di Diocleziano. POULTER, A.: Economic Collapse in the Countryside and the Consequent Transformation of City into Fortress in Late Antiquity. REMESAL RODRÍGUEZ, J.: Military Supply during Wartime. VIN, J.P.A. V.D.: Coin Use in and around Military Camps on the Lower Rhine: Nijmegen - Kops Plateau. WOOLF, G.: Bigger, more complex, but still different? The Roman Economy in the 21st Century. ZWALVE, W.J.: Callistus’ Case. Some Legal Aspects of Roman Business Activities. JONGMAN, W.M.: The Roman Economy: From Cities to Empire.
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