Ritual Dynamics and Religious Change in the Roman Empire

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Heidelberg, July 5-7, 2007)


This volume presents the proceedings of the eighth workshop of the international network 'Impact of Empire', which concentrates on the history of the Roman Empire and brings together ancient historians, archaeologists, classicists and specialists in Roman law from some thirty European and North American universities. The eighth volume focuses on the impact of the Roman Empire on religious behaviour, with a special focus on the dynamics of ritual. The volume is divided into three sections: ritualising the empire, performing civic community in the empire and performing religion in the empire.
Olivier Hekster is Professor of Ancient History at Radboud University Nijmegen. He is chairman of the international network Impact of Empire. His publications include Crises and the Roman Empire (2007) and Rome and Its Empire, AD 193-284 (2008).

Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner is Wissenschaftlicher Assistent at the University of Heidelberg. He is chairing a recently established international network for late antique studies. His publications include Reagieren und Gestalten. Der Regierungsstil des spätrömischen Kaisers (2008).

Christian Witschel is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Heidelberg. He is director of research of the Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg. His publications include Die Stadt in der Spätantike – Niedergang oder Wandel? (2006) and Statuen in der Spätantike (2007).
All those interested in Roman history and history of religion, specifically the dynamics of ritual in ancient society
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