Sharīʿa in Africa Today

Reactions and Responses


Sharīʿa in Africa Today. Reactions and Responses explores how Islamic law has influenced relations between Muslims and Christians, through a series of case studies by young African scholars working in four African countries: in Sudan where total Sharīʿa was applied until recently; in Nigeria where the Northern states re-introduced Sharīʿa courts; in Kenya where the place of Islamic courts has been contested in constitutional debates; in Tanzania where Muslims are calling for the re-introduction of Islamic courts. Each chapter is based on research carried out by the authors, topics include: relations between Muslims and Christians; how Islamic law has impacted on women; new Islamic movements and the state. It is of importance to anyone interested in the impact of Sharīʿa in Africa today.
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John Chesworth, PhD (2008), University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, is currently Research Officer for Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History 1500-1900 at University of Birmingham. He has published on Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa, the use of the Qur'an and Bible in popular polemic, and Islamic courts in East Africa.

Franz Kogelmann, Dr. phil. (1997), Bayreuth University, Germany, is Academic Co-ordinator of the Institute of African Studies and Principal Investigator at Bayreuth International Graduate School (BIGSAS) at that University. He has published on Islamic endowments (waqf), Islamism in Egypt and Muslims in Sub-saharan Africa and in Europe.

'In general, then, Sharīʿa in Africa Today. Reactions and Responses is an important contribution to our understanding of the various ways in which Sharīʿa and Sharīʿa implementation get articulated in the African space of public discourse and political rivalry. It provides a rich source of new data and information that may help in formulating new questions and pointing to new areas of research on the subject'.

Alamin Mazrui, Rutgers University, in Journal of Islamic Studies, vol 27, no 3, September 2016

Though the book Sharī‘a in Africa Today uses a case study approach to explore this new phenomenon of ‘Sharī‘a debate’ arising from Islam, the quality of the contributors, and their clear language make the book remarkable to read. The various contributors offer concrete examples drawn from their research areas that demonstrate the dynamics of their reflections on Sharī‘a, Kadhi’s courts, women’s education and Christian-Muslim relations. Scholars are offered a concise and first hand understanding of these contemporary events, which otherwise could have been misinterpreted or misunderstood.

Martin A. Wullobayi, in Islamochristiana 45 (2019), pp. 430-432

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John Chesworth and Franz Kogelmann

Part One Sudan: “Total sharīʿa”
“Sharīʿa and Reality”: A Domain of Contest among Sunni Muslims in the District of Shendi, Northern Sudan
Osman Mohamed Osman Ali

Contradicting State Ideology in Sudan: Christian-Muslim Relations among the Internally Displaced Persons in Khartoum
The Case of Mandela and Wad al-Bashīr Camps
Salma Mohamed Abdalmunim Abdalla

Part two Nigeria: “Re-implementation of sharīʿa”
The Evolution of the Independent sharīʿa Panel in Osun State, South-West Nigeria
Abdul-Fatah Kola Makinde

“Education is Education”: Contemporary Muslim Views on Muslim Women’s Education in Northern Nigeria
Chikas Danfulani

‘We Introduced sharīʿa’—The Izala Movement in Nigeria as Initiator of sharīʿa-reimplementation in the North of the Country: Some Reflections
Ramzi Ben Amara

Part three Kenya: “Place of sharīʿa in the Constitution”
Debates on Kadhi’s Courts and Christian-Muslim Relations in Isiolo Town: Thematic Issues and Emergent Trends
Halkano Abdi Wario

“Necessity Removes Restrictions”: Swahili Muslim Women’s Perspectives on their Participation in the Public Sphere
Esha Faki Mwinyihaji

Women’s Views on the Role of Kadhi’s Courts: A Case Study of Kendu Bay, Kenya
Rebecca Osiro

Part four Tanzania: “Calls for the Re-introduction of sharīʿa”
Demand for the Re-Introduction of Kadhi’s Courts on the Tanzanian Mainland: A Religious, Social and Political Analysis
William Andrew Kopwe

“Chaos Will Never Have a Chance”: Sharīʿa Debates and Tolerance in a Provincial Tanzanian Town
Bernardin Mfumbusa

All interested in contemporary Islam, Muslim Christian relations and on current public debates related to the practical implications of Islamic law in Africa south of the Sahara.
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