Dutch Atlantic Connections, 1680-1800

Linking Empires, Bridging Borders


Dutch Atlantic Connections focuses on the Dutch dimension of the integrated Atlantic World between 1680 and 1800. In recent years, it has increasingly become clear that Dutch activities in this Atlantic world were of far greater significance than historians hitherto assumed. This volume illustrates how Dutch networks functioned in the Atlantic and highlights the pivotal and, indeed, exceptional role of the Dutch in the Atlantic. The chapters present the economic function of the Dutch as middlemen and brokers who helped the Atlantic system operate by embedding themselves in the networks of other empires. This book also demonstrates the cultural impact of the Dutch in the Atlantic and of the Atlantic on the Dutch.
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Introduction, Gert Oostindie and Jessica V. Roitman

Section 1: Caribbean Encounters

1 Curaçao as a Transit Center to the Spanish Main and the French West Indies, Wim Klooster
2 Paramaribo as Dutch and Atlantic Nodal Point, 1640–1795, Karwan Fatah-Black
3 Anglo-Dutch Trade in the Chesapeake and the British Caribbean,1621–1733, Christian Koot

Section 2: European Encounters

4 The French Atlantic and the Dutch, Late Seventeeth-Late Eighteenth Century, Silvia Marzagalli
5 Anglo-Dutch Economic Relations in the Atlantic World, 1688–1783, Kenneth Morgan
6 A Network-Based Merchant Empire: Dutch Trade in the Hispanic Atlantic (1680–1740), Ana Crespo Solana
7 A Public and Private Dutch West India Interest, Henk den Heijer

Section 3: Intellectual and Intercultural Encounters

8 Adultery Here and There: Crossing Sexual Boundaries in the Dutch Jewish Atlantic, Aviva Ben-Ur and Jessica V. Roitman
9 The Scholarly Atlantic: Circuits of Knowledge Between Britain, the Dutch Republic and the Americas in the Eighteenth Century, Karel Davids
10 The “Dutch” “Atlantic” and the Dubious Case of Frans Post, Benjamin Schmidt

Section 4: Shifting Encounters

11 The Eighteenth-Century Danish, Dutch and Swedish Free Ports in the Northeastern Caribbean: Continuity and Change, Han Jordaan and Victor Wilson
12 Dutch Atlantic Decline During “The Age of Revolutions”, Gert Oostindie

Section 5: Perspectives on the Dutch Atlantic

13 The Rise and Decline of the Dutch Atlantic, 1600–1800, Pieter C. Emmer
14 Conclusion: The Dutch Moment in Atlantic Historiography, Alison Games
All interested in Atlantic history, Dutch (colonial) history and those concerned with networks, connections and economic, intellectual, and cultural interactions in the early modern world.
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