CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions

Case Studies on Archaeological Data, Objects, Texts, and Digital Archiving


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CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions provides case studies on archaeology, objects, cuneiform texts, and online publishing, digital archiving, and preservation.
Eleven chapters present a rich array of material, spanning the fifth through the first millennium BCE, from Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and Iran. Customized cyber- and general glossaries support readers who lack either a technical background or familiarity with the ancient cultures. Edited by Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Amy Rebecca Gansell, and Alessandro Di Ludovico, this volume is dedicated to broadening the understanding and accessibility of digital humanities tools, methodologies, and results to Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Ultimately, this book provides a model for introducing cyber-studies to the mainstream of humanities research.
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Vanessa Bigot Juloux is a PhD candidate at the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes and Paris Sciences et Lettres. She has recently developed open-access guidelines for analyzing actions in TEI-XML (DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1202468) and is currently co-editing a volume on violence in ancient cultures.

Amy Rebecca Gansell, Ph.D. (2008), Harvard University, is Associate Professor of Art History at St. John’s University (New York). She has published computational and digital research in the American Journal of Archaeology, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, and Journal of Archaeological Science.

Alessandro Di Ludovico, Ph.D. (2007), Sapienza University, Rome, is a research fellow in Near Eastern Archaeology at the same university. His research deals with perception and communication in the ancient Near East; he is co-director of “Atlante del Vicino Oriente Antico”.

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Introduction to CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions
Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Amy Rebecca Gansell, and Alessandro di Ludovico

Part 1: Archaeology

1 A Conceptual Framework for Archaeological Data Encoding
Sveta Matskevich and Ilan Sharon
2 Landscape Archaeology and Artificial Intelligence: the Neural Hypersurface of the Mesopotamian Urban Revolution
Marco Ramazzotti, Paolo Massimo Buscema & Giulia Massini

Part 2: Objects

3 Data Description and the Integrated Study of Ancient Near Eastern Works of Art: The Potential of Cylinder Seals
Alessandro di Ludovico
4 A Quantitative Method for the Creation of Typologies for Qualitatively Described Objects
Shannon Martino and Matthew Martino

Part 3: Texts

5 A Qualitative Approach Using Digital Analyses for the Study of Action in Narrative Texts:  KTU 1.1-6 from the Scribe ʾIlimilku of Ugarit as a Case Study
Vanessa Bigot Juloux
6 Network Analysis for Reproducible Research on Large Administrative Cuneiform Corpora
Émilie Pagé-Perron
7 Semantic Domains in Akkadian Texts
Saana Svärd, Heidi Jauhiainen, Aleksi Sahala, and Krister Lindén
8 Using Quantitative Methods for Measuring Inter-Textual Relations in Cuneiform
M. Willis Monroe

Part 4: Online Publishing, Digital Archiving, and Preservation

9 On the Problem of the Epigraphic Interoperability of Digitized Texts of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern Regions in First Millennium bce
Doğu Kaan Eraslan
10 Digital Philology in the Ras Shamra Tablet Inventory Project: Text Curation through Computational Intelligence
Miller C. Prosser
11 Publishing Sumerian Literature on the Semantic Web
Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller
Toponyms Related to Ancient Settlements or Regions Mentioned in

Index of Archaeology and Typology
Index of Authors in Bibliographical References
Index of Digital Terms
Index of History and Geography
Index of Literature
This volume will interest scholars and students of the ancient Near East as well as digital humanities researchers across disciplines.
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