Galen's Treatise Περὶ Ἀλυπίας (De indolentia) in Context

A Tale of Resilience


This collective volume arises from a Wellcome-funded conference held at the University of Warwick in 2014 about the “new” Galen discovered in 2005 in a Greek manuscript, De indolentia. In the wake of the latest English translation published by Vivian Nutton in 2013, this book offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the new text, discussing in turn issues around Galen’s literary production, his medical and philosophical contribution to the theme of avoiding distress (ἀλυπία), controversial topics in Roman history such as the Antonine plague and the reign of Commodus, and finally the reception of the text in the Islamic world. Gathering eleven contributions by recognised specialists of Galen, Greek literature and Roman history, it revisits the new text extensively.
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Caroline Petit, Ph.D. (2004), Université Paris-Sorbonne, is Assistant Professor of Classics and the History of Medicine at the University of Warwick. She has published extensively on Galen, the Galenic corpus, and their transmission and reception.
"In sum, this volume, with its excellent typography, highlights the extent  to which Ind. changes our perception of Galen and his works: it both bridges gaps in previous research and raises new questions that make it abundantly clear there is much more work to be done." - Mónica Durán Mañas, in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2020.04.11.
Introduction: A Long Lost Text: Galen’s Περὶ Ἀλυπίας
Caroline Petit

1 Note on Ms. Vlatadon 14: A Summary of the Main Findings and Problems
P. N. Singer

Part 1: Περὶ Ἀλυπίας and Galen’s Oeuvre

2 Death, Posterity and the Vulnerable Self: Galen’s Περὶ Ἀλυπίας in the Context of His Late Writings
Caroline Petit

3 Galen and the Language of Old Comedy: Glimpses of a Lost Treatise at Ind. 23b–28
Amy Coker

4 New Light And Old Texts: Galen On His Own Books
P. N. Singer

Part 2: Galen’s Distress: Περὶ Ἀλυπίας and the Philosophical Tradition

5 Galen’s Περὶ Ἀλυπίας as Philosophical Therapy: How Coherent is it?
Christopher Gill

6 Galen and the Sceptics (and the Epicureans) on the Unavoidability of Distress
R. J. Hankinson

7 A New Distress: Galen’s Ethics In Περὶ Ἀλυπίας and Beyond
P. N. Singer

8 Wisdom and Emotion: Galen’s Philosophical Position in Avoiding Distress
Teun Tieleman

Part 3: Galen’s Περὶ Ἀλυπίας and the History of the Roman Empire

9 Galen and the Plague
Rebecca Flemming

10 Galen and the Last Days of Commodus
Matthew Nicholls

Epilogue: The Lost Readership of Galen’s Περὶ Ἀλυπίας

11 Arabic Peri Alupias: Did al-Kindî and Râzî Read Galen?
Antoine Pietrobelli
All interested in Galen, ancient Greek philosophy, Roman history, the history of medicine, and the history of literature.
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