The Phoebe A. Hearst Expedition to Naga ed-Deir, Cemeteries N 2000 and N 2500


The Phoebe A. Hearst Expedition to Naga ed-Deir, Cemeteries N 2000 and N 2500 presents the results of excavations directed by George A. Reisner and led by Arthur C. Mace. The site of Naga ed-Deir, Egypt, is unusual for its continued use over a long period of time (c. 3500 BCE–650 CE). Burials in N 2000 and N 2500 date to the First Intermediate Period/Middle Kingdom and the Coptic era. In keeping with Reisner’s earlier publications of Naga ed-Deir, this volume presents artifacts in chapter-length studies devoted to a particular object type and includes a burial-by-burial description. The excavators’ original drawings, notes, and photographs are complemented by a contemporary analysis of the objects by experts in their subfields.
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Vanessa Davies, Ph.D., University of Chicago, is an Egyptologist and administrator at Bryn Mawr College. She is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Egyptian Epigraphy and Palaeography (Oxford University Press, 2020) and author of Peace in Ancient Egypt (Brill, 2018).

1 Introduction
Vanessa Davies

2 Catalogue of Tombs
Transcribed by Vanessa Davies

3 Ceramics
Gabriella diBattista and Brooke Norton

4 Four Unique Pottery Vessels from N 2000 and N 2500
Natasha D. Ayers

5 Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals, Seal Impressions, and Knotted Cords
Emily Teeter

6 Small Stone Vessels
Virginia Emery

7 Flint Objects and Bone Object
Lisa Maher

8 Beads, Pendants, and the Like
Jocelyn Simlick, Andrea Miloslavic, and Vanessa Davies

9 Analysis of Beads and Pendants
Jolanda Bos and Vanessa Davies

10 Miscellaneous Objects
Elizabeth Minor

11 Late Antique Textiles
Amandine Mérat

12 Coptic Burial Wrapping
Jonathan P. Elias

13 Conclusions
Vanessa Davies

Appendix 1: Arthur Mace’s Draft Manuscript
Appendix 2: Coptic Inscriptions
Egyptologists and archaeologists.
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