Ancient Egypt, New Technology

The Present and Future of Computer Visualization, Virtual Reality and Other Digital Humanities in Egyptology


This volume of collected studies takes stock of most recent developments in Egyptology and the Digital Humanities, considering future directions for the application of new technologies in Egyptology. The book presents the results of an international conference held in 2019 at Indiana University – Bloomington, in which Egyptologists and digital humanists with interest in Egyptology gathered in 2019 to present current projects in 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality, game technology, digital pedagogy, database projects, computational and corpus linguistics and E-publications. Those projects, along with a selection of others that were not presented in Bloomington, are now described and discussed in this volume.
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Rita Lucarelli, Ph.D. (2006), University of Leiden, is Associate Professor of Egyptology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Joshua A. Roberson, Ph.D. (2007), University of Pennsylvania, is Associate Professor of Art History and Egyptian Language at the University of Memphis.

Steve Vinson, Ph.D. (1995), Johns Hopkins University, is Professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures at the Indiana University – Bloomington.
Preface: Looking Back, Looking Forward: Ancient Egypt—New Technology

1 Ethics of Digital Representation in Egyptology
Willeke Wendrich

2 The Contribution of Photogrammetry and Computer Graphics to the Study and Preservation of Monuments in Alexandria, Egypt
Mohammed Abdelaziz and Mohamed Elsayed

3 The Digital Rosetta Stone Project
Miriam Amin, Angelos Barmpoutis, Monica Berti, Eleni Bozia, Josephine Hensel and Franziska Naether

4 Mythological Landscapes and Real Places: Using Virtual Reality to Investigate the Perception of Sacred Space in the Ancient City of Memphis
Nevio Danelon and David J. Zielinski

5 Mythophor”: A Digital Tool for the Collection and Analysis of Mythical Metaphor in Ancient Egypt
Katja Goebs

6 Mapping the Ancient Mind: iClassifier, a New Platform for Systematic Analysis of Classifiers in Egyptian and Beyond
Haleli Harel, Orly Goldwasser and Dmitry Nikolaev

7 Not Just Another Photogrammetry Report: Using Modern Technology to Help Solve Ancient Riddles
Mark D. Janzen and Terrence J. Nichols

8 The 3D Digital Documentation of Shaft K24 in Saqqara
Matthias Lang, Ramadan Hussein, Philippe Kluge

9 Digital Archaeology and Ancient Egypt: Reflections on the Results of the 2017 el-Hibeh Digital Archaeology Project
Jean Li, with contributions by Jimmy Tran and Devin Ostrom

10 Digitizing and Annotating Ancient Egyptian Coffins: The Book of the Dead in 3D
Rita Lucarelli and Mark-Jan Nederhof

11 Photogrammetry and Face Carvings: Exploring the ‘Face’ of the Egyptian Anthropoid Coffins by 3D-Modelling
Stefania Manieri

12 VÉgA (Vocabulaire de l’Égyptien Ancien): A New Definition of a Dictionary
Anaïs Martin

13 The Egyptian Road Most Taken: Mapping the Least Cost Path Routes from the Nile to the Red Sea Coast
Morgan E. Moroney

14 Secondary Epigraphy in Egypt: A Case for a Research Infrastructure
Hana Navratilova

15 SIGSaqqâra: A Digital Project to Understand the Spatial Occupation of Saqqara
Éloïse Noc

16 ‘Where Did THAT Come From?!’ The Giza Project’s Development of Citation and Referencing Documentation for 3D Archaeological Visualizations
Nicholas Picardo

17 All Words and No Play: Identifying Paronomasia in New Kingdom Texts with Pattern Matching
Julia Viani Puglisi and Daniel Dakota

18 Gaining New Perspectives on the Hypostyle Hall at Karnak through the Use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Other Emerging Techniques
Jean Revez, Peter J. Brand, Emmanuel Laroze and Owen Murray

19 Representing Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions of the Old Kingdom Digitally: Dynamic Visualizations of Poetic Form and Inscriptional Layout
Julie Stauder-Porchet

20 Puzzling Tombs: Virtual Reconstruction of the Middle Kingdom Elite Necropolis at Dayr al-Barsha (Middle Egypt)
Toon Sykora, Roberto De Lima, Marleen De Meyer, Maarten Vergauwen and Harco Willems

21 Project Croato-Aegyptica (2002–2020)
Mladen Tomorad and Goran Zlodi

22 Virtual Reality Storytelling: Pedagogy and Applications
Julia Troche and Eve Weston

23 Cleo—the Artificial Intelligence Egyptology Platform
Heleen Wilbrink and Joshua Aaron Roberson

This book will be of immediate interest to professional Egyptologists (specialists in any area), scholars and practictioners of virtual heritage, graduate students (Egyptology, archaeology, art history, philology and linguistics, computer science, virtual heritage), academic and institutional libraries, and educated laypersons.
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