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Albert Hoffstädt, a classicist by training and polylingual humanist by disposition, has for 25 years been the editor chiefly responsible for the development and acquisition of manuscripts in Asian Studies for Brill. During that time he has shepherded over 700 books into print and has distinguished himself as a figure of exceptional discernment and insight in academic publishing. He has also become a personal friend to many of his authors. A subset of these authors here offers to him in tribute and gratitude 22 essays on various topics in Asian Studies. These include studies on premodern Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Korean literature, history, and religion, extending also into the modern and contemporary periods. They display the broad range of Mr. Hoffstädt's interests while presenting some of the most outstanding scholarship in Asian Studies today.
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Paul W. Kroll, Ph.D. (1976, Univ. of Michigan), has published widely on medieval Chinese literature and cultural history, and is the author of A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese (Brill, 2014; rev. ed. 2017).

Jonathan A. Silk, Ph.D. (1994, Univ. of Michigan), has published widely, mainly on Indian and Buddhist literature, and is the founding editor of Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism (2 vols. to date, 2015, 2019).

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Albert Hoffstädt: A Tribute
The Editors
 1 What Language Was Spoken by the People of the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex?
Alexander Lubotsky
 2 India’s Past Reconsidered
Johannes Bronkhorst
 3 A Trust Rooted in Ignorance: Why Ānanda’s Lack of Understanding Makes Him a Reliable Witness to the Buddha’s Teachings
Jonathan A.Silk
 4 On the Early History of the Brahmanical Yugas
Vincent Eltschinger
 5 Size Matters: The Length of Korea’s History and the Size of Its Historical Territory
Remco Breuker
 6 Polyglot Translators: Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese in the Introduction of Western Learning in Tokugawa Japan
Martin J.Heijdra
 7 Overcoming Distance
Richard Bowring
 8 Beyond Nativism: Reflections on Methodology and Ethics in the Study of Early China
Martin Kern
 9 Taking Horace to the Yellow Springs: Notes on Death and Alcohol in Chinese Poetry and Philosophy
Jan De Meyer
 10 On Some Verses of Li Bo
Paul W.Kroll
 11 An Early Medieval Chinese Poem on Leaving Office and Retiring to the Countryside
David R.Knechtges
 12 Lu Ji’s Theory of Reading and Writing: Medieval Chinese Anxieties about Literary Creation
Wendy Swartz
 13 Terms of Friendship: Bylaws for Associations of Buddhist Laywomen in Medieval China
Stephen F.Teiser
 14 Women in the Religious and Publishing Worlds of Buddhist Master Miaokong (1826–1880)
Beata Grant
 15 Chinese Dualism Revisited
John Lagerwey
 16 An Ant and a Man, a Rock and a Woman: Preliminary Notes toward an Alternate History of Chinese Worldviews
Robert Ford Campany
 17 Self-Portrait of a Narcissist
Pierre-Étienne Will
 18 The Mask of Comedy in A Couple of Soles
Robert E.Hegel
 19 Making Up for a Loss: The Tragedy of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai in Modern Zaju
Wilt L.Idema
 20 Transgression as Rule: Freebooters in Chinese Poetry
Maghiel van Crevel
 21 Horatius Sinensis
Michael Lackner
 22 The Hazards of the Use of English as a Default Language in Analytic Philosophy: An Essay on Conceptual Biodiversity
Christoph Harbsmeier

All interested in Asian humanities, premodern or modern.
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