Sforza Pallavicino

A Jesuit Life in Baroque Rome


As a key figure in baroque Rome, Sforza Pallavicino embodies many of the apparent tensions and contradictions of his era: a man of the church deeply involved in the new science, a nobleman and courtier drawn to ascetism and theology, a controversial polemicist involved in poetry and the arts. This volume collects essays by specialists in the fields and disciplines that cover Pallavicino’s activities as a scholar, author and Jesuit, and situate him within the Roman cultural, political and social elite of his times. Through the figure of Pallavicino, an image of baroque Rome emerges that challenges historical periodisations and disciplinary boundaries.

Contributors: Silvia Apollonio, Stefan Bauer, Eraldo Bellini, Chiara Catalano, Maarten Delbeke, Maria Pia Donato, Federica Favino, Irene Fosi, Sven K. Knebel, Alessandro Metlica, Anselm Ramelow, Pietro Giulio Riga, and Jon R. Snyder.
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Maarten Delbeke holds the Chair of the History and Theory of Architecture at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. He researches and teaches the history and theory of art and architecture in Europe from the seventeenth century to the present, and is active as an architecture critic.
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1 Sforza Pallavicino: A Jesuit Life in Baroque Rome
Maarten Delbeke

2 City, Church, and Court: Roman Culture in the Age of Sforza Pallavicino
Maria Pia Donato

3 ‘Before the Explosion of the Novatores’ Ideas’: Sforza Pallavicino Lincean
Federica Favino

4 ‘The Great Friendship that Exists between Us’: The Correspondence between Sforza Pallavicino and Fabio Chigi (1629–1651)
Irene Fosi

5 The Challenge of the Poem: The Classicism of I fasti sacri
Silvia Apollonio

6 The ‘Paths of Parnassus’ in the Literary Thinking of Sforza Pallavicino
Pietro Giulio Riga

7 Language and Idiom in Sforza Pallavicino’s Trattato dello stile e del dialogo
Eraldo Bellini

8 ‘With Ultramarine Hues’: Sforza Pallavicino and Baroque Poetics
Jon R. Snyder

9 Pallavicino the Optimist
Sven K. Knebel

10 Pallavicino’s God in Part and Whole
Anselm Ramelow

11 Sforza Pallavicino and the Condemnation of Jansenius’s Five Propositions
Chiara Catalano

12 Writing the History of the Council of Trent
Stefan Bauer

13 Intellect and Imagination in Pallavicino’s Arte della perfezion cristiana: A Close Reading
Alessandro Metlica

Index Nominum
All interested in the intellectual, literary, cultural and religious history of baroque Rome, as well as readers with an interest in Jesuit history. Keywords: Sforza Pallavicino, Jesuits, Rome, Baroque, 1600–1700, papacy, Catholicism, Council of Trent, literature, poetry, science, Galileo, neo-scholasticism, Jansenism, court culture.
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