Gender Equality in the Mirror

Reflecting on Power, Participation and Global Justice


The open access publication of this book has been published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

By taking an innovative perspective, Gender Equality in the Mirror aims to advance the debate on gender equalities and to engage with the complexities of their practical implications in everyday life. Through the voice of women who are contributing with their life and work to the pursuit of the collective task of inclusion, the volume develops an original analysis of the socio-economic and political dimension of gender parity to frame implementing pathways of aspirational human rights principles. Gender Equality in the Mirror explores these dimensions with the ultimate aim of raising broad awareness of the need to invest in women’s empowerment for the construction of our society.
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Elisa Fornalé, Ph.D. (2011), Palermo University, is SNSF Professor and Gender Coordinator at the World Trade Institute, University of Bern. She has published many articles on human rights law, climate change and migration.


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Introduction Reflecting on Power, Participation and Global Justice  
Elisa Fornalé

part 1
Women and Resilient Inequalities
1 Progress in and Challenges to the Rights of Women to Non-Discrimination and Gender Equality
  Patricia Schulz

2 The Urgency of a Quantum Leap for Gender Equality in the World of Work
  Valentina Beghini, Umberto Cattaneo, and Emanuela Pozzan

3 Gender Mainstreaming at the World Health Organization Experience, Challenges, and Pitfalls in Global Health
  Flavia Bustreo, Rachael Hinton, Anna Giulia Ponchia, Pascale Allotey, Cecilia Rocco

part 2
Women and Socio-Economic Equality
4 (En)gendering EU Citizenship
  Sandra Mantu

5 Gender Gaps in Migration Studies Recent Developments and Prospects
  Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot

6 Unpaid Work during the covid-19 Pandemic Amount, Allocation and the Aftermath: A European Perspective
  Zsuzsa Blaskó

7 The Unequal Ivory Tower The Effects of covid-19  on Academic Mothers
  Sara Martucci, Alessandra Minello and Lidia Katia C. Manzo

8 Women and Financial Equality Rewriting the Rules
  Mara Catherine Harvey and Federica Cristani

part 3
Women’s Participation at the International Level and Institutional Encounters
9 Gender Equality in the Judiciary – With an Emphasis on International Judiciary
  Catherine Kessedjian

10 Gender Equality in Crisis Emerging Challenges for Women’s Participation
  Chiara Germano and Elisa Fornalé


This edited volume is designed as an interdisciplinary collection which offers useful and stimulating resources for Masters-level, advanced, and postgraduate students; academics; practicing lawyers; and for anyone interested in international law, political science, international relations, and gender studies.
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