Protestant Bible Scholarship: Antisemitism, Philosemitism and Anti-Judaism


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Historical criticism of the Bible emerged in the context of protestant theology and is confronted in every aspect of its study with otherness: the Jewish people and their writings. However, despite some important exceptions, there has been little sustained reflection on the ways in which scholarship has engaged, and continues to engage, its most significant Other. This volume offers reflections on anti-Semitism, philo-Semitism and anti-Judaism in biblical scholarship from the 19th century to the present. The essays in this volume reflect on the past and prepare a pathway for future scholarship that is mindful of its susceptibility to violence and hatred.
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Arjen F. Bakker, Ph.D. (2015), is Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at the University of Groningen. His monograph The Secret of Time: Reconfiguring Wisdom in the Dead Sea Scrolls is forthcoming with Brill in the STDJ series.

René Bloch, Dr. phil. (1999), is professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Bern. He is the author of many publications on ancient Judaism and its reception, including Moses und der Mythos (2011) and Jüdische Drehbühnen (2013).

Yael Fisch, Ph.D. (2019, TAU), is a postdoctoral-fellow at Tel Aviv University and Oriel College, University of Oxford. She has published on rabbinic literature and Second-Temple literature, including Written for Us: Paul’s Interpretation of Scripture and the History of Midrash (Brill, forthcoming).

Paula Fredriksen, Ph.D. (1979), Princeton University, is Aurelio Professor emerita at Boston University. An historian of ancient pagan-Jewish-Christian relations, her books include Augustine and the Jews (Yale, 2010) and Paul. The Pagans’ Apostle (Yale, 2017).

Hindy Najman is the Oriel and Laing Professor and director of the Centre for the Study of the Bible at Oriel College, University of Oxford. Her books include Seconding Sinai (2003) and Losing the Temple and Recovering the Future (2014).

List of Contributors

1 Karl Georg Kuhn (1906–1976) – Two Academic Careers in Germany
Hermann Lichtenberger

2 Judaism as Religious Cosmopolitanism: Apologetics and Appropriation in the Jüdisches Lexikon (1927–1930)
Irene Zwiep

3 Anti-Semitism and Early Scholarship on Ancient Anti-Semitism
René Bloch

4 The Rise and Fall of the Notion of “Spätjudentum” in Christian Biblical Scholarship
Konrad Schmid

5 “Circumcision is Nothing”: A Non-Reformation Reading of the Letters of Paul
Paula Fredriksen

6 Anti-Judaism and Philo-Judaism in Pauline Studies, Then and Now
Matthew V. Novenson

7 The Sibylline Oracles: A Case Study in Ancient and Modern Anti-Judaism
Olivia Stewart Lester

8 Anti-Judaism, Philo-Semitism, and Protestant New Testament Studies: Perspectives and Questions
Jörg Frey

9 American Biblical Scholarship and the Post-War Battle against Anti-Semitism
Steven Weitzman

10 Jewish and Christian Approaches to Biblical Theology
John Barton

This volume is intended for scholars and students in the fields of Ancient Judaism, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Christian Thought, and those interested in the modern history of science and the humanities.
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