"Those Infidel Greeks" (2 vols.)

The Greek War of Independence through Ottoman Archival Documents


The documents edited by H. Şükrü Ilıcak in Those Infidel Greeks comprise the English translations of select documents from the Ayniyat Registers on the Greek War of Independence preserved in the Ottoman State Archives. The primary importance of these documents is that they are a clear testimony of the larger imperial context in which the Greek War of Independence evolved and proved successful. The mass of information they contain is immense and allows the reader to follow on an almost day-to-day basis how an empire tried to suppress a national uprising—the first of its kind in the early nineteenth century.

Contributors: Çağrı Erdoğan, H. Şükrü Ilıcak, Nikola Rakovski, Mehmet Savan, Kahraman Şakul, and Aysel Yıldız.

This is a co-publication with the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.
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H. Şükrü Ilıcak, Ph.D. (Harvard University, 2011), is a fellow of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Rethymno, Crete. He has published broadly on the Greek War of Independence and the so-called Ottoman “Three Nations.”
Volume 1
Notes on the Ayniyat Registers
Notes on the Translations
Transliteration Systems Followed in This Book
List of Figures
Notes on Contributors


Volume 2
 Ayniyat 573
 Ayniyat 574
 Ayniyat 575
 Ayniyat 576
 Ayniyat 577
 Ayniyat 578
 Ayniyat 579
 Ayniyat 1713
 Ayniyat 1769
 Ayniyat 580
 Ayniyat 580–1
 Ayniyat 581
 Ayniyat 582
 Short Biographies of the Important Individuals Mentioned in the Documents

All interested in the history of the Ottoman Empire, modern Greece, nation-states established in former Ottoman territories; as well as in broader subjects, such as empire, nationalism, history of warfare.
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