Regulation of Risk

Transport, Trade and Environment in Perspective

Regulation of Risk provides comprehensive insight into regulation of risk in transport, trade and environment. Contributions provide national, regional and international perspectives on pressing questions: How is risk conceived in light of novel technological deployment, climate change, political upheaval, evolving geopolitics, and the COVID-19 pandemic? What legal tools such as contractual frameworks and governance structures are available to manage the changing landscape of risk? This book highlights the importance of dialogue and collaborative decision-making on risk between policymakers, institutions, societal stakeholders and the scientific community.
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Abhinayan Basu Bal, Ph.D (2010), World Maritime University, is a Senior Lecturer in Commercial and Transport Law at University of Gothenburg. He has published monographs, chapters in books, and articles in peer-reviewed journals.
Trisha Rajput, Ph.D (2012), University of Leeds, is a Researcher at University of Gothenburg. She has published book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of international law, trade and transport.
Gabriela Argüello, LLD (2018), University of Gothenburg, is a Researcher in marine governance at that university. She has published her work in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of the book Marine Pollution, Shipping Waste and International Law.
David Langlet, LL.D (2007), Stockholm University, is a Professor of Environmental Law at Uppsala University. He is often involved in multidisciplinary collaborations and has published monographs, book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals.
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Introduction to Regulation of Risk
  Gabriela Argüello, Abhinayan Basu Bal, David Langlet and Trisha Rajput

The UN Arms Trade Treaty A Multilateral Trade and Security Treaty Not Regulated by International Trade Law? 38
  Abdulmalik M. Altamimi

Ice Management Research and the Arctic Marine Environment
  Gabriela Argüello and Julia Johansson

Divide and Conquer or Unite to Trade Trade Facilitation Along the China-Europe Railway Corridors
  Abhinayan Basu Bal, Trisha Rajput and Yongmei Chen

The Meaning of “Accident” under the Montreal Convention in Light of cjeu Jurisprudence
  Olena Bokareva

Admissibility of Air and Marine Accident Investigation Records in Arbitration and Litigation
  Jason Chuah

When Economic Sanctions Lead to Conflict of Laws and Real Risks for Businesses
  Carolina Dackö

Risks Posed by the covid -19 Pandemic Regarding the Carriage of Goods and Passengers by Sea — Considerations on Seafarers’ Rights and Health Protection
  Jonatan Echebarria Fernández

International Shipping Who Levels the Playing Field?
  Ellen J. Eftestøl and Emilie Yliheljo

Risk in Transporting Dangerous Goods via RoRo and RoPax Shipping
  Jonas Flodén and Johan Woxenius

Scrubber Technology — Bad News for the Marine Environments
  Ida Maja Hassellöv

Autonomous Wrecks
  Jhonnie Mikael Kern

High Seas Marine Protected Areas — Impact on Shipping and the imo
  Niels Krabbe

Shipping and the Ecosystem Approach
  David Langlet

Autonomous Shipping Some Reflections on Navigational Rights and Rescue at Sea
  Martin R. Leopardi

Maritime and Aviation Law A Relational Retrospect and Prospect on Unmanned Ships and Aircraft
  Huiru Liu

Some Perils of Turning Small Ships into Big Boats On the Relevance of Addressing the Real Issues in Law
  Claes Martinson

The International Regulatory Framework of mass Disruption
  Maximo Q. Mejia Jr.

Salvage Agreement and Contract Salvage Risk Dynamics in Salvage Law
  Proshanto K. Mukherjee

(Smart) Contractual Networks in the Carriage of Goods by Sea
  Livashnee Naidoo

Restricting International Trade through Export Control Laws: National Security in Perspective
  Trisha Rajput

Legal Tools for Overcoming Perceived Risks in Green Shipping
  Pia Rebelo

Third Party Direct Rights of Action against Insurers under UK Law and International Maritime Liability Conventions
  Rhidian Thomas

Advanced students in law and policy with focus on trade, transport and environment; legal scholars; diplomats; policy makers; legal practitioners; and government lawyers.
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