Applied food science

"The food sciences cover a wide area from ethics to microbiology; from toxicology to law; from marketing to genetics. Professionals in the food sector may have to deal daily with issues related to another expertise than their own and with colleagues who have their expertise in any of these fields. The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction for (future) professionals, students, researchers, and teachers to all these different fields collectively known as the food sciences. Understanding the basics of other professionals' expertise will improve mutual understanding and communication. It will help to ask the right questions at the right moment to the right person. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the food sciences. It provides the basics in terms of scope, terminology, methods, and content. It is placed in a dynamic context by addressing recent developments and ongoing debates."
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7. Genetics
Pages: 125–140
8. Systems biology
Pages: 141–155
13. Food toxicology
By: Aalt Bast
Pages: 267–288
Back Matter
Pages: 481–499
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