Course Adoption


Examination Copies will be supplied to qualified instructors for potential adoption as a required text book. Examination Copies are limited to three (3) titles per semester. All requests are subject to publisher approval.

A Desk Copy is considered as a title already adopted for a course taught by the instructor.

Examination Copies are invoiced at a 25% discount and due in sixty (60) days. If your university bookstore has placed an order of at least ten (10) copies of the book, please contact us at Once we verify that that your bookstore has ordered at least ten (10) copies of the book, your Examination Copy becomes your free Desk Copy. If not, you are requested to either pay the invoice or return the book in salable condition within sixty (60) days.

To request an Examination Copy or a Desk Copy of a title, please fill out this form.

Copy Requested

Decision Deadline (for Examination Copy)

Title Requested

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