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Brill is excited to have reached the milestone of 20,000 E-Books on brill.com. Now, Brill offers more than 20,000 E-Books in the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law and Human Rights and in Biology, with over 1,000 new titles added each year.

These are the five most accessed titles from our entire catalog. These and many other titles are available in a variety of ways, such as Brill Evidence Select, Brill's evidence-based acquisition model (EBA). More information on this and other Brill E-Book options.

Treasures of Knowledge Cover Treasures of Knowledge: An Inventory of the Ottoman Palace Library (1502/3-1503/4) (2 vols.)
Editors: Gülru Necipoğlu, Cemal Kafadar, and Cornell H. Fleischer
Guide to the Study of Ancient Magic Cover Guide to the Study of Ancient Magic
Editor: David Frankfurter
Migration and Islamic Ethics Cover Migration and Islamic Ethics: Issues of Residence, Naturalization and Citizenship
Editors: Ray Jureidini and Said Fares Hassan

Available in Open Access.
Animal Experimentation Cover Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change
Editors: Kathrin Herrmann and Kimberley Jayne

Available in Open Access.
The Law of the Seabed Cover The Law of the Seabed: Access, Uses, and Protection of Seabed Resources
Editor: Catherine Banet

Available in Open Access.