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Are you interested in publishing at Ferdinand Schöningh? Our publishing house is one of the most renowned academic publishers in the German-speaking world. We stand for a well-established program of academic publications in the fields of history, theology, education and literary studies. We are pleased to publish not only your monograph, but also your conference proceedings or academic qualification papers such as doctoral or postdoctoral theses. Journals are also part of our program. Are you considering to edit a book series? Please contact us! If not otherwise requested, your publication will also be available as an e-book at the same time as it is available in print form. Of course, there is also the possibility to publish in open access.

Each publication project is carefully evaluated for quality and program compatibility by our acquisition editors and series editors. Manuscripts whose outstanding scientific quality has been proven beyond doubt will be included in the program. We also ensure this by Peer Review. A clearly contoured program environment makes sure that your text is perceived in the relevant field of research.

We take on Publishing Responsibility - to finance your Book

A book product, which today is no longer just a printed edition, is an investment in your career. It requires careful financing: no book is going to sell by itself. A meticulous preparation and execution of the book production are just as indispensable as tailor-made marketing campaigns. Printing subsidies are one of the means of securing the financing of a book production. We advise you thoroughly on these issues in order to ensure the right financing for you and your publication. At the same time, we also offer to publish every book without subsidies, without compromising on the quality of the final product. This means that the publishing risk lies entirely with us – we like to take it because, thanks to our experience and professional expertise, we know the important sales markets for your book and can place it there.

On our authors' pages you will find more information about our services in the areas of marketing, distribution and press as well as our guidelines for e-books and open access. Should you have any further questions, the responsible contact persons will be happy to help you. We are looking forward to your message.

If you would like to publish your book with us, we would be pleased to receive an exposé and a brief outline of the content and planned layout. Please feel free to contact our acquisition editors:

Dr. Diethard Sawicki (History/Slavic Studies)
T: +49 5251 69975 63

Dr. Martina Kayser (Theology/Literature/Pedagogics)
T: +49 5251 69975 62




We have put together some information for the specific design of your book. In the following you can download the documents for manuscript submission, illustrations and cover design:

Manuscript Submission - Stylesheet
Use of Illustrations
Notes on Cover Design


If you would like to include illustrations in your volume, please fill out the respective document and send it to your contact person:

Illustration Dimensions Monographs
Illustration Dimensions Anthologies