Download The Brill Typeface


The Brill Typeface User Guide & Complete List of Characters
Brill Fonts End User License Agreement
The Brill Typeface Package 2.06 (zip file)
The Brill - Roman
The Brill - Italic
The Brill - Bold
The Brill - Bold Italic

Download Notes

  • The Brill fonts version 2.06 now have the extension “.ttf”. They provide an improved display of type on MS Windows systems over the .otf version of the fonts distributed earlier, especially in browser environments. (Either download the package containing all four fonts and the User Guide and the License Agreement, or the individual .ttf font files and PDF documents.)
  • Currently the Brill server is experiencing a difficulty in displaying .zip files in Firefox. If you are using Firefox – Right-click (Control-click on Macs) on the links to the font files, which have a “.ttf” extension, and Save Link As. This will ensure a clean download. When downloading the “brill font package” .zip file from IE please upgrade to version 9, or if you prefer, use another browser like Firefox.