Forthcoming Series: New Benjamin Studies


Edited by Ilit Ferber, Stefano Marchesoni, Alexandra Richter, Nassima Sahraoui and Sebastian Truskolaski

New Benjamin Studies is a peer-reviewed yearbook dedicated to current research into the thought and writing of Walter Benjamin. Publishing articles by both emerging and established scholars, the yearbook aims to foster novel approaches to the work of the German writer, philosopher, critic and translator. Through annual thematic issues, New Benjamin Studies provides a unique platform for exchange among scholars from various parts of the world, offering an insight into the rich variety of present-day readings of Benjamin’s oeuvre. New Benjamin Studies welcomes innovative contributions from all fields of the humanities and beyond.

ISSN: 2751-3262


Editorial Board

Editorial Collective:

  • Ilit Ferber, Tel Aviv
  • Stefano Marchesoni, Milano
  • Alexandra Richter, Rouen
  • Nassima Sahraoui, Frankfurt
  • Sebastian Truskolaski, Manchester

Advisory Board:

  • Antonia Birnbaum, Paris/Vienna
  • Howard Caygill, London
  • Rebecca Comay, Toronto
  • Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky, Bochum
  • Howard Eiland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Peter Fenves, Northwestern
  • Eli Friedlander, Tel-Aviv
  • Jeanne-Marie Gagnebin, São Paulo
  • Gabriele Guerra, Rome
  • Michael Jennings, Princeton
  • Gertrud Koch, Berlin
  • Esther Leslie, London
  • Vivian Liska, Antwerp
  • Noëleen Murray, Pretoria
  • Pablo Oyarzún Robles, Santiago de Chile
  • Andrea Pinotti, Milan
  • Gerard Raulet, Paris
  • Thomas Regehly, Offenbach
  • Gerhard Richter, Brown
  • Tamara Tagliacozzo, Rome
  • Sigrid Weigel, Berlin
  • Irving Wohlfarth, Bremen/Paris


First Call for Papers: “The Actuality of Community in Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy” (Deadline 26 March 2023)
Second Call for Papers: “Figures of Relation in Walter Benjamin’s Writings” (Deadline 15 September 2024)