Become a Contributor to the Linguistic Bibliography


The editorial team is looking for specialists who would like to contribute to the Linguistic Bibliography by gathering and compiling bibliographical references in their field of expertise. If you are interested in joining the Linguistic Bibliography, please contact the editors via

The Linguistic Bibliography, published in annual print volumes and online, is a collection of detailed bibliographical descriptions of linguistic publications on general and language-specific theoretical linguistics. While the bibliography aims to cover all languages of the world, particular attention is given to the inclusion of publications on endangered and lesser-studied languages. Publications in any language are collected, analyzed and annotated (using a state-of-the-art system of subject and language keywords) by an international team of linguists and contributors from all over the world.

Short task description

  • Adding new bibliographical references to the database using our custom-made online content management system which is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Locating new, quality publications (books, articles, reviews).
  • Gathering basic metadata, e.g. author, title, publisher, page numbers, etc.
  • Annotating the references by adding linguistic keywords, and if applicable, a roman transliteration, English title translation and notes.
  • Annually proofreading your section of the Linguistic Bibliography yearbook.


  • Remuneration for each bibliographical reference in the form of cash or Brill book credit which may be used to purchase Brill publications.
  • Free access to Linguistic Bibliography Online, the searchable online database containing some 500,000 bibliographical references to books and articles on linguistics.
  • A 35% author discount on Brill publications.
  • An opportunity to expand the bibliographical record of your subject area and help disseminate important publications to linguists worldwide, and to make sure that your own publications and those of your colleagues are included in the online database and Brill's yearbook.

Current vacancies

  • Afrikaans
  • Andamanese
  • Armenian
  • Asianic and Mediterranean languages
  • Austronesian, Papuan and Australian
  • Balkan linguistics
  • Baltic
  • Dravidian
  • Egypto-Coptic
  • Hebrew
  • Hmong-Mien (Miao-Yao)
  • Indo-Aryan (Indic)
  • Pidgins and Creoles
  • Sign languages
  • Tai-Kadai including Thai
  • Tibeto-Burman
  • Turkic
  • Vietnamese

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