Brill Research Perspectives


Publishing Concept

The growth of scholarly literature continues to accelerate at an exponential rate. Staying current on a variety of subjects is becoming increasingly difficult for scholars, even within their own discipline. In response to this trend, Brill is pleased to introduce a new family of journals, Brill Research Perspectives.

These reference journals combine the verification of peer review, the high usage of reference works, and the pedagogy of textbooks. Designed for research communities in the Humanities, International Law, and Social Sciences, these journals distil the vast body of literature in a field into a more digestible format while linking to the primary sources.

The Brill Research Perspectives family of publications comprises numerous journals across multiple subject areas that publish 2-6 issues annually. Each issue consists of one uniquely focused article of 70-100 pages. To facilitate the efforts of researchers and educators alike, each journal issue will also be available as a book in both print and electronic format. Taken together, Brill Research Perspectives will constitute a multidisciplinary reference library devoted to key research areas.

Key Features 

  • A family of reference journals covering key subject fields in the Humanities, International Law, and Social Sciences.
  • Snapshot of state-of-the-art scholarship in a given subject area.
  • Top authors’ commentary and analysis.
  • Flexible purchase models.
  • Available in print and electronic format.
  • One peer reviewed article of 70-100 pages (approximately 30,000 to 40,000 words) per issue.
  • Complete bibliography of each digital article linked internally to first-instance citation and externally to primary sources.
  • Published in real time (online within 30-40 days of acceptance).
  • Issues updated periodically by authors to revitalize commentary and analysis and to ensure currency of citations.

Distinctive Benefits

  • Review articles have the strongest long-term citations impact in journal literature with the highest number of citations per article.
  • Freedom from the page limitations of most traditional journals ensures satisfactory coverage of the subject.
  • Brill Research Perspectives will not suffer from the long development and production times of some handbooks and, therefore, will not be static or dated upon release.
  • Periodic updates by authors ensure that subscribers will not be compelled to wait for a bulky, pricey new edition to have access to content that is both relevant and timely.
  • Brill Research Perspectives improves scholarly communication and speeds the flow of information.

For Researchers

  • Researchers can use Brill Research Perspectives to acquaint themselves quickly with an unfamiliar area without having to sift through a large number of sources.

For Educators

  • The modular nature of the single-issue concept of Brill Research Perspectives allows university educators to use these publications for graduate teaching purposes in areas in which there is a scarcity of textbooks.

For Authors

  • Authors will retain copyright to their work and will license to Brill the exclusive rights to commercial distribution.
  • Authors will extend the reach and resonance of their own research and that of their colleagues and will be uniquely positioned to provide thought leadership and prescriptive analysis.

For Libraries

  • Libraries may subscribe to an individual journal (print/electronic/print and electronic) or the entire Brill Research Perspectives package.
  • Taken together, Brill Research Perspectives provides a discipline-wide digital reference library.

Open Access

Brill Open offers authors the choice to make their research freely accessible online in exchange for a Publication Charge. Since articles published in Brill Research Perspectives are longer than regular journal articles, special rates apply. Please contact for more information.

Contact Us

For general inquiries and feedback, or if you would like to inquire with the publisher about a new venture in a particular discipline, please send an email to Return to this page for announcements about the progress of Brill Research Perspectives and to explore current offerings.

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