Frank Gibney Award in American-East Asian Relations


The Journal of American-East Asian Relations invites submissions for the Frank Gibney Award - Graduate Student Essay.

The Journal of American-East Asia Relations since 1991 has published articles in all disciplines on relations of all sorts between the Americas and East and Southeast Asia. Our scope includes diplomatic, economic, security, and cultural concerns, as well as Asian-American history and culture.

The Gibney Award goes to an essay in any field of the Journal’s interest written by a graduate student in the years 2022 or 2023. Brill will award the winning author a US$1,000 prize and the winning article will be published in the Journal in 2024.

Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2023

The student, supervisor, or advisor should send the manuscript and a brief cover letter to Charles W. Hayford, Immediate Past Editor:, with a copy to Mitch Lerner:

Frank Gibney (1924–2006), an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Journal, worked for more than fifty years to educate the peoples on both sides of the Pacific about each other. He wrote or edited more than a dozen books and television specials on Japan and Asia. He began his study as an intelligence officer during World War II and the Occupation of Japan, then became an editor at Time, Life, and Newsweek magazines and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Instructions for authors can be found on the journal's web page.

Previous Winners Include:

  • 2008: Tristan Grunow, University of Oregon (Advisor: Jeffrey Hanes), “A Reexamination of the ‘Shock of Hiroshima’: The Japanese Bomb Projects and the Surrender Decision,” Vol. 12, No. 3-4.
  • 2010: Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci, Brown University (Advisors: Professors Naoko Shibusawa and Robert G. Lee), “Birth Control and Socialism: The Frustration of Margaret Sanger and Ishimoto Shizue's Mission.” Volume 17, No. 3.
  • 2012: Wataru Yamaguchi, Keio University (Advisor: Koji Murata), “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Shift in Japanese Diplomacy at the Beginning of the Second Cold War, 1979: A New Look,” Volume 19, No. 3-4
  • 2014 Wen-Qing Ngoei, Northwestern University (Advisors: Michael Allen, Michael Sherry), “The Domino Logic of The Darkest Moment: The Fall Of Singapore, The Atlantic Echo Chamber And "Chinese Penetration" In U.S. Cold War Policy Toward Southeast Asia,” Vol. 21, No.3.
  • Honorable Mention : Yanqiu Zheng, Northwestern University (Advisors: Peter Carroll, Deborah Cohen, Daniel Immerwahr) "A Specter of Extraterritoriality." Vol. 22, No. 1.

The winner will be announced via Brill’s social media channels: