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On this page, you will find details of Brill's corporate activities and the company's financial standing. A summary of Brill's market status can be seen at Brill's overview at Euronext. A full listing of all files and press releases can be found below.

Latest Key Figures

Brill's Key Figures 2016 (English Language)
Brill's Key Figures 2015 (English Language)
Brill's Key Figures 2014 (English Language)

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Latest Financial Press Releases and Reports

Press Release Brill Q3 Trading Update 15 November 2018
Press Release Brill disappointing sales in Q3 and revised outlook for 2018
Press Release Brill CFO temporarily steps back
Press Release Half Year Results 2018
Half Year Report 2018
Voting Results AGM 17 May 2018 (in Dutch)
PowerPoint Presentation AGM 17 May 2018
Brochure Brill in 2017
Press Release: Brill on track in Q1
Analyst & Press Meeting 11 April 2018 PowerPoint presentation
Annual Report 2017
Convocation Notice (Oproeping) AGM 17 May 2018
Agenda AGM 17 May 2017
Steminstructieformulier AvA 17 mei 2018
Press Release: Brill reports record revenues; proposes total EUR 4.32 per share dividend
Press Release: Brill reports 2017 revenue and cash generation at target; EBITDA ended below guidance
Press Release Trading Update 3rd quarter 2017
Press Release: Brill will appoint Peter Coebergh as CEO and Olivier de Vlam as CFO in May 2018
Financial Calendar 2018
Press Release BRILL HY Results 2017
Press Release: Brill completes acquisition of Sense Publishers
Voting Results AGM Tuesday 16th May 2017
PowerPoint presentation AGM 16th May 2017
Stichting AK_Notulen_Certificaathoudervergadering_16 Februari 2017
PowerPoint Presentation Press & Analyst meeting 12 April - now available
Persbericht: Brill kondigt overname aan van uitgeverij Sense
Press Release: Brill announces intent to take over Sense Publishers
Notulen Buitengewone Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders - 24 augustus 2016
PRESS RELEASE: Brill reports organic revenue growth of 4.4% with strong underlying profitability improvement; net profit +20%
Press Release 19 January 2017 - Certificate Holder Meeting
Brill completes acquisition of Ferdinand Schöningh / Wilhelm Fink and appoints Managing Director
Brill announces intent to acquire Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink - Press Release 5 December, 2016
NIBC Investor Conference Presentation, 17 November 2016
Brill Q3 in line with expectations, margin guidance improved - Press Release Trading Update Q3
Brill Financial Calendar 2017
Voting results EGM 24 August, 2016 (in Dutch)
PowerPoint Presentation EGM 24 August 2016
Brill reports strong HY1 with underlying improvement of performance
Brill HY Report 2016
Notulen Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders - 19 mei 2016
Oproeping Bijzondere Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders - 24 augustus
Agenda Bijzondere Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders - 24 augustus
Stemformulier Bijzondere Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders - 24 augustus
Brill Financial Calendar 2016 - updated version
Brill HY 2016 preliminary results show sharp increase of profit driven by revenue growth and cost savings. Extraordinary shareholders meeting called for 24 August.
Voting Results AGM Thursday 19th May 2016 (in Dutch)
PowerPoint presentation AGM 19th May 2016
Persbericht Brill inzake AvA 19 mei 2016
Press and Analyst meeting 28 April 2016 (PowerPoint presentation)
Brochure Brill in 2015 (English Language)
Press Release Trading Update 1st quarter 2016
Brill Annual Report 2015
Agenda Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders 2016
Stemformulier Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders 2016
Oproeping Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders 2016
Press Release Results 2015 (English Language)
Disclosure of Home Member State (English Language)
Notulen AVA 13 mei 2015 (Dutch Language)
Financial Calendar 2016
Profitability improvements well underway for 2016 (English Language only)
Brill reports flat sales but expects better results in second half (English Language only)
Half Year Report 2015 (English Language only)
Vastgestelde stemmingsresultaten Algemene vergadering van Aandeelhouders, woensdag 13 mei 2015 (Dutch Language)
Kalm begin van 2015 voor Brill (Dutch Language)
Brill starts 2015 as expected (English Language)
Brill Jaarverslag 2014 (Dutch Language)
Brill in 2014 (English Language)
Notulen AvA 15 mei 2014
Oproeping Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders / Convocation notice AGM
Press release Results 2014 (English Language)
Persbericht jaarcijfers 2014 (Dutch Language)
Preliminary Results 2014 (English Language)
Voorlopige resultaten 2014 (Dutch Language)
Fourth quarter will determine Brill’s results in 2014
Laatste kwartaal zal opnieuw bepalend zijn voor jaarresultaten Koninklijke Brill
Brill meldt vlakke omzet in eerste helft 2014 maar verwacht positieve ontwikkeling (Dutch Language)
Brill reports flat results in first six months but expects growth in second half (English Language)
Brill completes acquisition of Editions Rodopi (English Language)
Brill rondt overname af van Editions Rodopi (Dutch Language)
Brochure Brill in 2013 (English Language)
Brill Annual Report 2013 (Dutch Language)
Encouraging start of new year for Brill (English Language)
Nieuwe jaar voor Brill goed begonnen (Dutch Language)
Brill announces intent to take over Editions Rodopi (English Language)
Brill kondigt overname aan van uitgeverij Editions Rodopi (Dutch Language)
Oproeping Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders (Dutch Language)
Agenda Algemene Vergadering van Aandeelhouders (Dutch Language)
Stemformulier (Dutch Language)
Brill reports growth of sales and profit (English Language)
Groei van omzet en winst bij Koninklijke Brill (Dutch Language)
Brill neemt uitgeverij Hes & De Graaf over (for Persbericht Dutch version)
Brill acquires Hes & De Graaf Publishers (for Press Release English version)
Koninklijke Brill gematigd positief (Dutch language)
Koninklijke Brill meldt groei in eerste helft van 2013 (Dutch language)
Brill reports growth in first Half Year 2013 (English language)
Press and Analyst presentation 2013 (in Dutch)
Brochure Brill in 2012 (English language)
Brill Annual Report 2012 (in Dutch)
Bemoedigend begin van het nieuwe jaar voor Brill (Dutch language)
First results in 2013 encouraging for Brill (English language)
Year results 2012 (Dutch language)
Year results 2012 (English language)



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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Brill’s 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) took place on Thursday, 17 May at Brill’s premises in Leiden. See the downloads list below for the full transcript recording of the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting will be made available at a later stage.

Information and documents from older AGM’s are also available from the listing below. Information older than 2012 is available on request. Please contact Esther Smit ( or +31 (0)71 53 53 596).

Recordings from past Annual General Meetings:

AGM 2018 - part 1
AGM 2018 - part 2
AGM 2018 - part 3
AGM 2015 - part 1
AGM 2015 - part 2
AGM 2015 - part 3
AGM 2014 - part 1
AGM 2014 - part 2
AGM 2014 - part 3
AGM 2014 - part 4
AGM 2014 - part 5
AGM 2014 - part 6
AGM 2013 - part 1
AGM 2013 - part 2
AGM 2013 - part 3
AGM 2012

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Share Information

Brill Shares

Of the total outstanding shares on December 31, 2017 (nominal value of EUR 0.60), 1,834,463 bearer certificates were issued and 39,981 registered shares were administrated. These certificates were issued in denominations of 1x EUR 0.60, 10x EUR 0.60, 100x EUR 0.60 and 1,000x EURO 0.60 nominal in CF form.

Brill has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since July 1997. The register of shareholders in Brill is managed by:

SGG Netherlands N.V.
Claude Debussylaan 24
1082 MD Amsterdam
T + 31 20 522 25 55

SGG also acts as the administrator of Stichting Administratiekantoor Koninklijke Brill. Registered Shareholders may also address questions about share ownership, changes of address or dividend payments to the above-mentioned trust office.

Continuous Trading of Brill’s Stock

The company has employed NIBC to act as a liquidity provider and to support marketing activities to promote Brill’s stock. Effective 19 December 2008 Brill’s stock can be bought and sold at all times during business hours. accordingly.

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