MARC Records


MARC Records for E-Books

Brill has MARC21 records available for all our E-Book collections. Visit the page for E-Book title lists, KBART files and MARC records. The records are grouped together by subject and by year. Each record contains a link to the electronic version of the corresponding title. This link is recorded in the 856-field using registered DOIs (for more information see The 776-field gives a reference to the printed version.

When new E-Book files are uploaded, the corresponding MARC21 files will be updated accordingly. Starting with the version of June 18 2012, future distribution will distinguish new total files for each collection as well as the additions since the previous version.

MARC Records Reference Works and Bibliographies

For our Reference Works, Bibliographies and specific Primary Source collections Brill has MARC records available on the level of the publication / collection. These records link to the home page of the publication through a DOI in the 856-field. See below for downloads of the sets of records for Reference Works, and for Bibliographies.

MARC Records Primary Source

For Primary Source collections, Brill has MARC records available on a title level. These records can be downloaded from the librarians’ section on BrillOnline Primary Sources and can also be found as a download on each dedicated collection web page on

MARC Records for The Hague Academy Collected Courses Online

MARC records and a listing course titles and DOIs are available for download at the HACO web page.