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Many national research councils and grant holders will have an Open Access mandate or policy in place, requiring results from a project supported by a research grant to be published in Open Access. An exhaustive and up to date overview of all Open Access mandates and policies can be found via ROARMAP.

Complying to specific policy-related requirements

Some of the policies will include specific requirements, e.g. the use of one type of license or the depositing of the publication in a specific database. Brill aims to be fully compliant to the requirements of funding bodies. To confirm whether we are indeed complying with a specific mandate or policy, please contact us at


How to fund Open Access publication charges? There are various sources available to authors:

Institutional Funding: Departments and Libraries

Institutional departments and libraries may have a special Open Access publication budget available to cover the Open Access publication charges. Additionally, the institution may be part of Brill’s membership program in which case you are eligible for a discount on the publication charges.

Overview of North American institutions with a special Open Access budget in place.
Overview of UK institutions with a special Open Access budget in place.
Overview of institutions from the rest of the world with a special OA budget in place.

Research Grant

If your publication is the result of a project funded by a research grant, a special budget may be available to you to publish your work in Open Access. In some cases, Open Access publication may even be mandatory. A list of well-known funders:


  • FP7: The now closed Seventh Framework Program for Research (EU). Any publications that are forthcoming from projects funded by a FP7 grant can be published in Open Access. A special Open Access publications budget has been made available.
  • Horizon2020: Succeeding FP7 and current EU grant program. Publications resulting from projects funded by Horizon2020 should be made available in Open Access; Open Access publication charges can be reimbursed.

National [3]


[1] Brill fully complies to the requirements of the Wellcome Trust concerning license use and depositing the article in PubMed.

[2] Only for German-language books

[3] Some national research centers will have allocated all of the nationally available budget to institutions – e.g. the Research Council UK or the German DFG; this is why they are not mentioned in this list.

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