Open Access for Societies and Institutions


At Brill, we offer the opportunity for Societies and institutions to publish full journals, book series and reference works in Open Access. These publications will become available in the Platinum OA model, meaning the publication is openly available to readers on our website (just as in Gold OA) and that no fees have to be paid on the side of the authors (just as in Green OA). Instead, an institution or society financially supports the publication, so that the author’s fees can be waived.

For these publications, Brill guards the same high-quality standards as you’re used to, with a distinguished editorial board and double-blind peer review.

If your institution is interested in supporting Open Access with Brill, please contact us via

Membership Program

  • Encourage Open Access at your institution
  • Facilitate implementation of your Open Access policy
  • Ease administration of individual Open Access publication charges
  • Raise awareness for Open Access on the level of individual researchers & research departments
  • Insight into publication behavior of individual researchers


When subscribing to the Brill Open Membership program, Brill sets up a credit with an institution that allows us to publish work from affiliated authors in Open Access. This is a one-off fee that we will use to cover publication charges. Moreover, by becoming a member, institutions are eligible for a membership discount.

One-off fee

The minimum amount to become a member is €10,000. Institutions are free to opt for a higher fee, that will go a longer way to cover publication charges. Ask us for details on prior publications from affiliated authors so that we can determine a realistic amount together. There is no time frame attached to the credit. Any credit left over from a given year will pass on to the next year. Annual reports are sent of all activity.

Author identification

Brill will identify affiliated authors with a forthcoming publication (books and journals) and offer them the option to publish in Open Access. Brill will only publish any work in Open Access with the full consent of the author.

Books & Articles included

Unique among publishers, Brill’s membership program also covers book publication charges, in their entirety. This allows faculty to publish monographs and edited volumes entirely in Open Access. Brill recognizes the need for a Humanities & Social Sciences publisher to focus on Open Access books, given that this is still one of the dominant models of publication for many Humanities & Social Sciences scholars. The agreement is finalized with an official letter, signed by Brill and the institution.


To find out more, or to set up a membership, please contact us at

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