Brill works closely with a number of prestigious societies, institutions, and government and corporate bodies. You can read about these partnerships in this section.

The Hague Academy of International Law

Founded in 1923, the Hague Academy of International Law has for decades served as a global centre for research about and teaching of public and private international law.

Each summer the Academy organizes in its building located on the premises of the Peace Palace a six-week course at which well-recognized international law scholars present lectures and seminars in French and English on a wide range of current topics to young lawyers from throughout the world. These lectures are then published in the Academy’s prestigious Collected Courses.

The Academy also conducts a three-week summer Centre for Research aimed at in-depth research by younger academics on a selected contemporary issue under the direction of two senior scholars. In addition, the Academy has since the 1960s held courses in Africa, Latin America and Asia with a view to promoting worldwide knowledge of international law and its developments and contributing to the establishment of peace.

The Hague Academy publications available from Brill | Nijhoff:

For more details on The Hague Academy and its activities, please visit the web site of The Hague Academy.

Scaliger Institute

Founded by Leiden University Library and the Faculty of Humanities on the occasion of the 425th anniversary of Leiden University in June 2000, the Scaliger Institute aims to stimulate and facilitate the use of the Special Collections of Leiden University Library in both teaching and research. The Institute’s website can be found here.

Brill works closely with the Scaliger Institute, and sponsors the Brill Fellowship program. One or two Brill Fellows can be appointed each year to conduct research in the Special Collections of the Leiden University Library within one of the publishing areas of Brill in the humanities. You can read about Brill's work with the Scaliger Institute here. There you can also find further information about the Fellowship conditions and the application procedure.

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