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Brill has dedicated Social Media pages for a variety of publishing subjects. Find yours here.

Promote Your Own Book

Working with Brill to draw attention to your publication. Download our Promote your own book brochure for more details.

What you can do

There are simple things you can do to make your book more visible to your students and colleagues. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Download a PDF flyer from in just one click. Visit your book’s webpage on and click on the “Print Flyer” option below the book description. A fully downloadable PDF flyer of your book will open. Then, share your flyer with colleagues and friends, at a conference, via email, or anywhere else you like. Download the How To document.
  • Link your book’s webpage to your department website. Update your list of publications on your department´s website to include your newest book. Adding a hyperlink on your department website to the book’s page on helps to increase the discoverability of your title. How? Search engines like Google use a variety of criteria to best match search results to users’ queries, including how many other websites link to that page. Each link acts like a citation, so the more external sites link to a webpage, the greater the chance it is a useful and credible source and the higher Google will rank that page in a list of search results. The credibility of the linked sites also increases the value of each link. Links from the New York Times, for example, are weighted more heavily than links from a less credible website. That means a link from your institutional website can impact how high your book appears in search results.
  • Mention your new book in relevant talks. Add a PowerPoint slide at the end of relevant talks to let the audience know about your new book. Ask your Brill contact for the cover file, or copy it directly from the Brill website.
  • Share a link to your book via social media. Are you active on social media? Why not post the link to your new book from through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Academia, listserv or any other social media account? Or how about creating a Facebook page for your book?
  • Add a link to your new book in your email signature. A simple link to your book on can help inform students and colleagues of your most recent publications. With very little effort, you can spread the word about your book with every email you send.
  • Look for organizations in your field that send large-volume emails. Try to get your book reviewed in their email or newsletter.
  • Create a personal website. Promote your research and publications with a simple personal website.
  • Wikipedia. Write a Wikipedia article about your scholarship or your subject specialization. Include all relevant published work with links. Many scholars already have a Wikipedia entry, so why not you!

What Brill can do for you

As your publisher, Brill already promotes your book to the scholarly market in various ways, including book reviews, email newsletters, catalogs, advertising, and social media.  Brill will immediately send offers for review copies to the journals in our review lists after your book is published. Journals may also request review copies via Requests for review copies, unless in response to an offer made by the press, are at the acquisitions editor’s discretion.

With your help, we can reach an even wider audience and further spread the word about your latest publication:

  • Conferences: let us know about any important, relevant conferences in your field and we will try to send flyers and/or a display copy of your book to the organization. You can also indicate this in advance in our Authors Questionnaire, which you will receive from the publisher after acceptance of your manuscript.
  • Lectures: If you are giving a speech or lecture, let us know and we will advertise for you via our social media channels. This is a great opportunity to mention your book to a large audience of your peers.
  • Media: If you are mentioned in, or if you are publishing an article in a medium that is generally accessible--for example, an online newspaper, journal, newsletter, or radio interview--please let us know and we will put advertise it on our social media channels. The same applies for reviews, nominations and awards.

Improve the dissemination of your work through Kudos

To increase the impact of your research, Brill has teamed up with Kudos, a web-based service that helps researchers and their institutions and funders maximize the visibility and impact of their publications, it’s totally free for you to use!

If you would like to join Kudos and increase the visibility of your publication(s), visit the Kudos website and register. Then you can claim your Brill publication(s), explain them and start sharing with your network immediately.

Kudos is easy

All it takes are 3 steps: explain, share and measure.

After you've shared your article on social media, you'll be able to measure the impact of your activity through comprehensive personalised metrics (including Altmetric score and Web of Science Citation Count).


  • Increase readership: On average, authors who make use of Kudos' tools receive 23% higher downloads of their work.
  • A dashboard explaining several opportunities to enrich you article: post lay abstracts, links to further reading, a personal CV etc.
  • Support on how to use both traditional and social media to further promote your article.
  • A variety of metrics available on article level: from Altmetrics to views and shares within Kudos.

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