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Here you will find all the necessary information for publishing a book with Brill: from preparing your proposal to the promotion of your publication. Download the complete author guide here:

Brill's Author Guide

Please take a moment to identify the Acquisitions Editor whose publishing program most closely matches your manuscript's subject. You can find the contact information for each editor on their subject page by clicking on the Subject button at the top of our website.


Author Resources - Illustrations
Author Resources - Marking Corrections in Adobe
Author Resources - Permissions
Author Resources - Formatting Glosses and Linguistic Examples

Fonts, Scripts and Unicode

If you seek information about fonts and Unicode, Brill recommends the Unicode website or Alan Wood's Unicode Resources. We also encourage authors to make use of 'The Brill' typeface.

More information about Fonts, Scripts and Unicode, including a list of help files, can be found here.

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Publishing Supplementary Data on figshare

The need for publishing research data and supplementary data is growing and this is noticed in submissions to our journals and book series. More and more, researchers wish to deposit their data not only in local digital repositories but make these widely and ideally openly available. Brill has already been facilitating this on its own platform. However, we now offer the figshare platform as option. We accept electronic supplementary material, including supporting applications, high-resolution images, background datasets, sound or video clips, large appendices, data tables and other items that cannot be included in the article or book PDF itself. Supplementary files supplied will be published online at figshare, to which reference is made in the publication, and vice versa. Brill will publish the data there on behalf of the author.

The supplements published alongside journal articles and books, are openly accessible to anyone, always. Brill will cover the costs for hosting the data as a service to the author. And, the data are published under a Creative Commons license, meaning that the author remains owner of the content.

For more information please contact us at

Publication Ethics

The publication of a manuscript in a peer-reviewed work is expected to follow standards of ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: authors, editors, and reviewers. We encourage you to direct questions and concerns to

Download Brill’s Publication Ethics here:Brill’s Publication Ethics

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