Responsible Marketing Materials


Brill is committed to finding the most sustainable ways of presenting its promotional materials. We want to be mindful of the environment but also the local communities from where the paper is sourced and processed. Our first step as a responsible publisher was to find local printers who could meet our exacting standards; we chose two Dutch printers, Quantes and Tuijtel.


In 2017, Brill entered in to a partnership with Quantes which allows for carbon offsetting our emissions from the complete printing process. Within this agreement, all CO2 emissions from Brill’s promotional materials are offset by Quantes. Quantes uses a system called Climatecalc for its carbon offsetting calculation. This is a fully certified method and Quantes is required to submit its records annually to maintain its certified status.

Quantes’ carbon management addresses more than just carbon offsetting. Through the Climate Neutral Group, and its Gold Standard Mark projects, Quantes invests in the futures of communities globally. CNG is a market leader in socially responsible projects in developing nations, where the aim is foremost to facilitate zero carbon emissions, but also to support a local community through knowledge transfer, better health and stimulation of the local economy. The Climate Neutral Group is aiming for a 100% climate-neutral world. And further, Brill, through the CNG, can achieve a long term commitment to developing nations and their future growth.

Brill was also enticed by the loyalty programme that Quantes has developed: as Brill builds credits it is purchasing shares in the Costa Rican rainforest through a scheme managed by Oasebos. The scheme protects the forest, in symbiosis with its complete biodiversity. Wildlife such as the Macaw and native Jaguar, and the unique and vulnerable environment are protected and encouraged to prosper through the project. Brill is committed to reduce its environmental impact and to take the extra steps needed to nurture the living planet for a future generation.

More information about Quantes can be found on their website.

Certifying bodies

  • Stichting Certificatie Grafimedia Branche (Foundation for Certification of the Grafimedia Industry)
  • Carbon Footprint Certificate
  • ClimateCalc Basis GHG protocol, ISO 14064-1:2006, ISO 14067:2013 and ISO 16759:2013


Tuitjel prints Brill’s promotional materials, providing a 100% climate-neutral printing service. Every stage of the printing process is accounted for, from paper production to final logistics. Carbon emissions are calculated for the whole supply chain and offset.

Indeed, it doesn’t matter where the carbon offsetting happens; as a global publisher, we see a global responsibility to look after the entire planet. Brill uses NatureOffice for offsetting with its dedicated environmental projects, for example creating new forests to sequester CO2, in various parts of the world. And not only are we addressing our environmental impact through NatureOffice, but supporting people and businesses through their social projects. To see a full review of what Brill is involved in, go to their website at and enter the Brill ID (NL-077-642185) on the “ID-Abfrage” tab.

More information about Tuijtel can be found on their website.

Natural Resources

Paper is an essential part of the publishing industry, even in the 21st Century. At Brill, we understand that we must respect and be thoughtful in our consumption of natural resources. Brill has assessed the best methods for ensuring sustainable paper sources through two established certification schemes and therefore requires its printed material to use the following:

FSC Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that works to ensure that forests are managed responsibly. It works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them, by protecting plant and animal species, indigenous peoples’ rights, workers’ safety and much more.

Brill’s promotional printing that carries the FSC stamp, shows that the paper that it is printed on originates from FSC-certified forests, and is therefore from a responsibly and sustainably managed source.

PEFC Certification

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is the world’s leading forest certification organization. It is also the certification system of choice for small, non-industrial private forests, with hundreds of thousands of family forest owners certified. PEFC works alongside leading intergovernmental bodies to constantly lead the way in sustainability for forest management, from biodiversity, human rights, pesticide management, land rights and more.

The PEFC certification not only considers the sustainable management of the forests, but the whole supply chain, from forest to paper. Brill’s promotional printing that carries the PEFC certification demonstrates our commitment to these excellent values.

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