This page is designed to help royalty recipients interpret the annual royalty statement.

You can also download the explanation on this page as a PDF

An explanation of terms used on the royalty statement

1. Address details: Your royalty contact details. Please note that this address should be the one attached to your bank account. Address changes should be sent to:

2. 6-digit number: This is your royalty recipient number.
(Currency: Please note that all royalty statements at Brill will be presented in Euros, regardless of the location of the recipient. This might differ from the currency used for your actual payment)

3. Title detail – Royalty earnings: This section presents information concerning royalty rate, net copies sold and the figures relating to the current royalty year.

4. Royalty rate: The agreed royalty rate (a % or a fixed amount) as outlined in the recipient’s contract.

5. Net copies sold / net units: net copies sold from 2009 onwards.

6. Period Activity: This section presents information on the royalties due to the recipient. The net sales are based on the cumulative net sales of the print plus the e-version of the publication.

The figures relate to the current royalty year.

  • Net Units: net units sold in the current royalty year
  • Income: total net sales in the current royalty year
  • Total Royalties: the accumulated royalty amount due for the current year
  • Payee share: your share of the total royalties

7. Net earnings: the total amount of royalties due per title.

  • When ‘–‘, this indicates negative sales (i.e. returns.)
  • When ‘0‘, this indicates that you did not yet reach the required amount for payment to be made.

Where payment is concerned

Royalties will be paid in Europe from Euro 40 onwards and outside Europe from Euro 80/USD 80 onwards. Any unpaid balance will be carried over to the following year.

Bank details

To ensure the timely delivery of your royalty payments, we ask that you provide us with your bank details. If our ‘Bank Details Form’ has also been enclosed with your statement, please complete it as soon as possible and return it to us electronically at or send it by post to the following address:

Attn: Royalty Department
P.O. Box 9000
2300 PA Leiden
The Netherlands

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