Open Access for Articles


  • Brill has been publishing Open Access articles since 2009.
  • Brill complies with all research funder policies.
  • Brill offers an Open Access option in all Brill subscription journals.
  • In addition, we publish over 20 full Open Access journals. View them here.
  • Open Access is fully integrated in our processes. It takes just 1 extra step. View the process here.
  • When an institutional agreement is in place, the Open Access fee is waived.
  • We also offer funding support.

Choosing Open Access

If you are interested in publishing your article in Open Access, opt for Open Access when submitting your article in Editorial Manager, get in touch with your Brill contact, or get in touch with

Peer Review and Quality Control

High quality and meticulous quality control are fixed aspects of Brill’s approach to publishing. All Brill Open Access articles are subject to external, single or double-blind peer review.

Publication Process

More information on the publication process can be found here: