Forthcoming Series: Art Plus


Series Editor: Patricia Leavy

Over the past few decades, research on the arts as they relate to and intersect with other disciplines has grown enormously. For example, fields including art education, creative arts therapies, STEAM, and neuroscience and art, have grown exponentially as evidenced by courses taught, conference themes, new journals, and funded research grants. Additionally, the emergence and explosion of the arts-based research paradigm in education and the social sciences, as a new model for how to conduct research, and an alternative to traditional qualitative and quantitative research, further points to the increased interest in how the arts operate in concert with other fields. The Art Plus series explores art at the intersection of one or more other disciplines or lenses. The series will publish original monographs and edited volumes.

To submit: Queries and proposals, along with a CV, should be emailed to Shalen Lowell, Dr. Leavy’s assistant: Consult for instructions on preparing proposals (click the “book series” tab). We can only consider unpublished, original material. Authors are expected to have a Ph.D., MFA, or the equivalent.

ISSN: 2666-2302

International Editorial Advisory Board

  • Kakali Bhattacharya, PhD., Kansas State University, USA
  • Mindy Carter, PhD., McGill University, Canada
  • Gioia Chilton, PhD., The George Washington University, USA
  • Yichien Cooper, PhD., Washington State University, USA
  • Sue Davis, PhD., Central Queensland University, Australia
  • Raisa Foster, PhD.,, Finland
  • Rebecca Kamen,, USA
  • Masayuki Okahara, PhD., Keio University, Japan
  • Rosemary Reilly, PhD., Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • Joe Salvatore, PhD., New York University, USA
  • Wendy Sternberg, MD, Genesis at the Crossroads, USA
  • Anniina Suominen, PhD., Aalto University, Finland
  • Justin Sutters, PhD., George Mason University, USA