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Brill Book Archive coverAs one of the oldest publishers in the Humanities, Brill has served research communities since its foundation in 1683. We strongly believe that the Humanities, Social Sciences and International Law are areas of scholarship vital for addressing today’s global challenges. To make our rich content available online, we are dedicated to digitizing our backlist book program.

The Brill Book Archive Part 1, which includes 4,000 book titles published between 2000 and 2006 is now available.

Books that were only available in print format will be accessible as E-Books on Likewise, out of print books will become available again. Wherever possible, digitized titles will also be linked to Brill’s MyBook project so that print copies of titles are still obtainable for those who prefer the traditional experience of a physical book.

This project confirms Brill’s commitment to authors and enables researchers to connect with an expanding world of scholarship. Our valued authors are the key contributors to this effort.

Author Benefits

  • Your book will never go out of print. Scholarship will remain available with the potential to become increasingly relevant.
  • Existing royalties agreements will automatically transfer to E-Book.
  • E-Books allow authors to reach a wider global audience of scholars.
  • Scholars can connect to your research from anywhere on any device.
  • Increased opportunity for citations.
  • Library usage statistics reveal that older books are often read digitally, while their print counterparts stay on the shelves.
  • When preferred, print-on-demand technology allows colleagues and students to continue acquiring hardback copies of your book.
  • Contribute to the growing call for increased information literacy and the preservation of academic literature for the next generation of scholars.

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