Brill Book Archive - Author FAQ


Why would I want to have my work included in the Book Archive?


  • Your research will remain procurable.
  • Reach a growing international audience of both established and upcoming scholars.
  • Give your readers added convenience through multiple points of access and up-to-date technology.
  • Preserve your scholarship for future generations of scholars.


Will I receive royalties?

All existing royalties agreements will transfer to include individual E-Book/POD sales as well as book archive collection sales.

Where will my book be available for purchase?

Individuals and institutions worldwide can purchase single books and/or outright purchases to archive collections on

Will all Brill books be available in the archive?

Technical issues will prevent us from digitizing absolutely everything, but Brill is committed to digitizing as many titles as possible. We are working in collaboration with the Dutch National Library and Peace Palace Library to access physical copies of books that we no longer have in storage and will spend the coming years increasing the digital availability of our archival content.

Brill has already published more than 20,000 E-Books available on In addition to the digitization process of books from 2000 to 2006, even older titles are included as part of our flagship series back to volume 1.

How will my book be digitized?

Each book has been professionally scanned with the utmost care and attention to detail. Pages were scanned in black and white at 600 dpi to produce a high-resolution product. Optical Character Recognition was used to convert printed text into PDF format to ensure quality results. Special features such as full text search have also been incorporated.

For questions about your book in the Brill Archive, please contact