Bonn University Press


Bonn University Press is a publishing house established in cooperation between the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and V&R unipress in March 2005. Legally, Bonn University Press is an imprint of V&R unipress. The university controls the publishing program via the principal’s academic advisory board and agrees with the publisher on its range of services.

At Bonn University Press we publish qualified research papers - e.g. thematic anthologies and monographs, commemorative publications, research reports, habilitations and dissertations (if graded “magna cum laude” or “summa cum laude”).

When it comes to inclusion of works in one of the imprint’s series, the series editors make the decisions. In the case of works that do not appear in a series, the university's advisory board decides on inclusion in the program.

Please do not hesitate to contact Oliver Kätsch (, he will advise you without obligation and put your publication in touch with the advisory board or the responsible series editors.

Every 4 to 6 weeks, the publisher's representative is in Bonn to advise authors and editors in a personal meeting. Please make an appointment with him if necessary.

The following representatives, appointed by the principal, belong to the advisory board:

  • Advisory board chair: Prof Uwe Baumann, Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology: Prof Ulrich Berges
  • Faculty of Protestant Theology: Prof Jan Rüggemeier
  • Law and Political Science Faculty: Prof Mathias Schmoeckel
  • Medical Faculty Prof Walter Bruchhausen
  • Faculty of Humanities: Prof Claudia Wich-Reif
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: - currently not occupied -
  • Faculty of Agriculture: Prof Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky
  • University and State Library: Carl Erich Kesper
  • University archive: Dr Thomas Becker