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Chinese language edition of a Brill book publication

Brill publishes close to 1,400 books and reference works per year in both print and electronic format. Information on all our recently published books are available at, including book titles, author names, ISBN, Table of Contents, and a brief description of the book. You may search by keywords or browse through a certain subject to find out what would interest your Chinese language audience.

Our Chinese Language Rights Catalogues list titles selected and recommended by our editors in the field of China Studies, Asian Studies, Education, History, International Law, Languages and Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, and Philosophy & Religion.

We invite publishing houses and agencies to contact Brill’s Rights Manager at for more information. If you are interested in acquiring the Chinese language translation rights of a certain title, please include your publication plans for the translation in your email.

Please be advised that Brill has incorporated a new Publication Ethics policy in 2019 and that Brill expects publishers to use their best efforts to ensure that a translation shall be made faithfully and accurately, and shall comply with Brill’s Publication Ethics policy and not abridge, expand or otherwise alter the Brill text without the written consent of Brill.




博睿于2019年更新了出版伦理规范 Publication Ethics policy。我们希望各合作出版社尽力确保译文准确、忠实于原作,符合我社的出版伦理规范。没有博睿的书面许可,不可随意增减或修改我社出版物的内容。

Chinese language edition of an article from a Brill journal

Brill partners with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for a smooth and fast permissions clearance when you want to translate an article published in a Brill journal into Chinese. Simply follow these steps to get started:

Go to CCC’s Marketplace website at and enter the title or ISSN number of the publication you’d like to re-use and press “enter”. Then:

  • Select the appropriate type of permission
  • Enter the publication year of the content
  • Fill out required information and follow the prompts to acquire the proper permission

You can learn more about Marketplace on the Marketplace Buyer Resource Center. Customer service is available via live chat on the site.



首先,您可在我们的网站brill.com上选择您感兴趣的期刊文章,然后点击文章网页上的 "获取许可 "按钮。您将被引至CCC的Marketplace,在那里您可以选择“申请许可”。

或者,您也可以直接访问CCC的网站,输入您想翻译的出版物的标题或ISSN号,然后按 "enter"。


  • 选择适用的许可类型
  • 输入该出版物的出版年份
  • 填写必要的信息,并按照提示申请适用的许可

如需了解更多关于Marketplace的信息,您可以点击Marketplace Buyer Resource Center买家资源中心,与该中心的客户服务即时聊天。