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Brill's acquisitions editors and sales managers attend almost 130 library and academic conferences and book fairs each year. On this page you can find an overview of all our upcoming conferences.

2020 Conference Schedule

Date Conference Subject Location Attendees
2-Jan - 6-Jan Joint Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Classical Studies ( AIA/SCS ) Classical Studies Washington, DC, USA Mirjam Elbers , Giulia Moriconi
5-Jan - 7-Jan 3rd North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy ( NACGLE ) Classical Studies Washington, DC, USA Giulia Moriconi
9-Jan - 11-Jan 2020 International Conference of the Association for Science Teacher Education ( ASTE ) Education San Antonio, TX, USA John Bennett
14-Jan - 15-Jan Academic Publishing in Europe 2020: Driving the Change - together! ( APE ) General Berlin, Germany Loes Schouten , Stephan Kopsieker
17-Jan - 17-Jan American International Consortium of Academic Libraries ( AMICAL ) Sales Kuwait City, State of Kuwait David Elek
24-Jan - 28-Jan American Library Association Midwinter Meeting ( ALA Midwinter ) Sales Philadelphia, PA, USA USA Sales Team
6-Feb - 8-Feb De Intellectu: Greek, Arabic, Latin, and Hebrew Texts and Their Influence… Tribute to R. R. Guerrero Middle East and Islamic Studies Porto, Portugal Abdurraouf Oueslati
12-Feb - 15-Feb College Art Association Annual Conference ( CAA ) Art History Chicago, IL, USA Liesbeth Hugenholtz
14-Feb - 15-Feb The American Society of International Law International Economic Law Interest Group International Economic Law Interest Group Biennial Conference ( ASIL IEcLIG ) International Law Miami, FL, USA Marie Sheldon
21-Feb - 22-Feb UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies 5th Annual Conference ( SSEES ) Slavic Studies London, UK Diethard Sawicki
2-Mar - 6-Mar 7th Jahrestagung des Verbands Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum ( DHD ) General Paderborn, Germany Michael Kienecker , Stephan Kopsieker , Jörg Persch
7-Mar - 13-Mar 9th Biennial Convention of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies ( ASPS ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Delhi, India Kathy van Vliet
8-Mar - 11-Mar Electronic Resources and Libraries ( ER&L ) Sales Austin, TX, USA USA Sales Team
12-Mar - 15-Mar Leipziger Messe Sales Leipzig, Germany Sales Team
18-Mar - 21-Mar European Social Science History Conference 2020 ( ESSHC ) History Leiden, The Netherlands Wendel Scholma
19-Mar - 22-Mar Association of Asian Studies 2020 Annual Conference ( AAS ) Asian Studies Boston, MA, USA Joed Elich
20-Mar - 23-Mar 230th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society ( AOS ) Ancient Near East and Egypt Boston, MA, USA Kathy van Vliet , Erika Mandarino
22-Mar - 26-Mar 64th Annual Conference of the Comparative & International Education Society ( CIES ) Education Miami, FL, USA John Bennett
25-Mar - 28-Mar International Studies Association Annual Convention ( ISA ) History Honolulu, HI, USA Jason Prevost
26-Mar - 27-Mar Association of College & Research Libraries New England Chapter Annual Conference ( ACRL | NEC ) Sales Providence, RI, USA USA Sales Team
28-Mar - 30-Mar 53rd Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies Spring Symposium ( SPBS ) History Birmingham, AL, USA Kate Hammond
1-Apr - 4-Apr The International Art Market Studies Association Annual Conference ( AAH ) Art History Newcastle, UK Liesbeth Hugenholtz
1-Apr - 4-Apr The 14th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law ( ASIL ) International Law Washington, DC, USA Lindy Melman
2-Apr - 4-Apr Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting ( RSA ) History Philadelphia, PA, USA Arjan van Dijk
3-Apr - 5-Apr British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies Annual Conference ( BASEES ) Slavic Studies Cambridge, UK Diethard Sawicki
3-Apr - 5-Apr American Reasearch Centre in Egypt Annual Meeting ( ARCE ) Ancient Near East and Egypt Toronto, Canada Katelyn Chin
6-Apr - 7-Apr British Association for Islamic Studies ( BRAIS ) Middle East and Islamic Studies London, UK Abdurraouf Oueslati , Teddi Dols
14-Apr - 18-Apr 12th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East ( ICAANE ) Ancient Near East and Egypt Bologna, Italy Katelyn Chin
17-Apr - 21-Apr American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting ( AERA ) Education San Francisco, CA, USA John Bennett
17-Apr - 20-Apr The Classical Association Annual Conference ( CA ) Classical Studies Swansea, UK Mirjam Elbers
23-Apr - 25-Apr Association of Ancient Historians 2020 Meeting ( AAH ) Classical Studies Iowa City, IA, USA Mirjam Elbers
30-Apr - 3-May 87th Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History ( SMH ) History Arlington, VA, USA Kate Hammond
3-May - 8-May 7th International Congress of Nematology ( ICN ) Biology Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, France Stefan Einarsson
7-May - 10-May 55th International Congress on Medieval Studies ( ICMS ) History Kalamazoo, MI, USA Kate Hammond
10-May - 12-May Center for Oceans Law and Policy Annual Conference ( COLP ) International Law Tokyo, Japan Marie Sheldon
13-May - 16-May Latin American Studies Association ( LASA ) American Studies Guadaljaro, Mexico Jason Prevost
17-May - 20-May The 10th Annual Conference of the European International Society for Military Ethics ( EURO -ISME ) International Law Berlin, Germany Lindy Melman , Bea Timmer
20-May - 23-May 16th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry ( ICQI ) Education Urbana, IL, USA John Bennett
20-May - 23-May The North American Patristics Society Annual Meeting ( NAPS ) Biblical Studies Chicago, IL, USA Loes Schouten
25-May Evangelisch-Theologischer Fakultätentag Konferenz der Studiendekaninnen und -dekane ( E-TFT ) Theology and World Christianity Hannover, Germany Jörg Persch , Martin Illert
25-May - 29-May Middle East Libraries Committee International Conference ( MELCom ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Marburg, Germany Abdurraouf Oueslati
25-May - 27-May The 35th Annual INFO 2020 Conference & Exhibition Sales Tel Aviv, Israel David Elek
26-May - 29-May 109th Deutscher Bibliothekartag Sales Hannover, Germany Eva Wantzen , Ute Schnückel , Stephan Kopsieker
27-May - 29-May 10th Annual Conference of the Reformation Research Consortium on Early Modern Christianity ( RefoRC ) Theology and World Christianity Aarhus, Denmark Jörg Persch , Arjan van Dijk
2-Jun - 5-Jun 15th International Southern African Online Information Meeting ( SAOIM ) Sales Pretoria, South Africa David Elek
3-Jun - 6-Jun Scientiae 2020 ( Scientae ) History Amsterdam, The Netherlands Arjan van Dijk
5-Jun - 7-Jun Epistemic Transitions in Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science Middle East and Islamic Studies Jyvaskyla, Finland Abdurraouf Oueslati
10-Jun - 14-Jun 18th Annual International Society for Neoplatonic Studies Conference ( ISNS ) Philosophy Athens, Greece Jennifer Pavelko
10-Jun - 13-Jun European Architectural History Network International Meeting ( EAHN ) Art History Edinburgh, UK Liesbeth Hugenholtz
15-Jun - 19-Jun Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing ( SHARP ) History Amsterdam, The Netherlands Arjan van Dijk
17-Jun - 20-Jun Annual Conference: American Theological Library Association ( ATLA ) Theology and World Christianity Detroit, MI, USA Jörg Persch
18-Jun - 20-Jun 18th Conference of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies ( NECS ) Media Studies Palermo, Italy Henning Siekmann
18-Jun - 20-Jun European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions 7th Annual Conference ( EPSSE ) Philosophy Graz, Austria Michael Kienecker
19-Jun - 20-Jun Gesellschaft zum Studium des Christlichen Ostens ( GSCO ) Theology and World Christianity Eichstätt, Germany Martin Illert
22-Jun - 24-Jun Council for European Studies ( CES ) History Reykjavik, Iceland Marti Huetink
22-Jun - 25-Jun 3rd Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion ( EUARE ) Religious Studies Bologna, Italy Martin Illert
22-Jun - 25-Jun International Multisensory Research Forum ( IMRF ) Biology Ulm, Germany Stefan Einarson
23-Jun - 27-Jun Comité International des Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes ( CIEPO ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Thessaloniki, Greece Maurits van den Boogert , Franca de Kort
25-Jun - 28-Jun 7th Central Eurasian Studies Society Regional Conference ( CESS ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Tashkent, Uzbekistan Maurits van den Boogert , Kathy van Vliet
25-Jun - 27-Jun Academic Council on the United Nations System 2020 Annual Meeting ( ACUNS ) International Relations London, UK Irene van Rossum
25-Jun - 30-Jun American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition ( ALA Annual ) Sales Chicago, IL, USA USA Sales Team
25-Jun - 28-Jun European Network in Universal and Global History 6th European Congress on World and Global History ( ENIUGH ) History Turku, Finland Wendel Scholma
29-Jun - 3-Jul 10th International Conference of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East ( SSCLE ) History London, UK Kate Hammond
29-Jun - 1-Jul British Society for Middle Eastern Studies 2020 Conference ( BRISMES ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Cantebury, UK Nicolette van der Hoek
30-Jun - 3-Jul 8th International Maritime History Association Congress ( IMEHA ) History Porto, Portugal Wendel Scholma
1-Jul - 3-Jul 6th Biennal Conference of the European Society for Comparative Legal History ( ESCLH ) History Lisbon, Portugal Wendel Scholma
5-Jul - 9-Jul Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting ( SBL ) Biblical Studies Adelaide, Australia Loes Schouten
6-Jul - 9-Jul International Medieval Congress ( IMC ) History Leeds, UK Kate Hammond
6-Jul - 10-Jul 18th Annual Colloquium of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Academy of Environmental Law ( IUCNAEL ) International Law Groningen, The Netherlands Marie Sheldon
6-Jul - 11-Jul 11th Congress of Arab Christian Studies ( CACS ) Religious Studies Paris, France Marjolein van Zuylen
7-Jul - 10-Jul Les 6èmes Rencontres des études africaines en France 2020 ( REAF ) African Studies Marseille, France Franca de Kort
8-Jul - 11-Jul Society for the Social History of Medicine 50th Anniversary Conference: Resilience ( SSHM ) History Swansea, UK Stefan Einarsson
9-Jul - 11-Jul 7th Biennial Global Conference of the Society of International Economic Law ( SIEL ) International Law Milan, Italy Marie Sheldon
11-Jul - 14-Jul American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting ( AALL ) Sales New Orleans, LA, USA USA Sales Team
13-Jul - 18-Jul 12th International Congress of Coptic Conference ( IACS ) Biblical Studies Brussels, Belgium Loes Schouten
13-Jul - 16-Jul 30th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants ( UEAI ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Utrecht, The Netherlands Middle East and Islamic Studies Aquisition Editors
14-Jul - 18-Jul 4th International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology ( ISA ) Social Sciences Porto Alegra, Brazil Jason Prevost
15-Jul - 18-Jul Biennial Conference of the School of Abbasid Studies Middle East and Islamic Studies Oxford, UK Abdurraouf Oueslati
15-Jul - 18-Jul The International Art Market Studies Association Conference ( TIAMSA ) Art History Edinburgh, UK Liesbeth Hugenholtz
19-Jul - 24-Jul 26th International Congress of Entomology ( ICE ) Biology Helsinki, Finland Stefan Einarson
20-Jul - 24-Jul 65th Recontre Assyrioloque Internationale ( RAI ) Ancient Near East and Egypt Frankfurt, Germany Katelyn Chin
25-Jul - 29-Jul International Political Science Association World Congress ( IPSA ) Social Sciences Lisbon, Portugal Jason Prevost
28-Jul - 31-Jul Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas General Meeting ( SNTS ) Biblical Studies Rome, Italy Loes Schouten , Jörg Persch , Martin Illert
1-Aug - 1-Aug 6th Biannual Conference European Society for the History of Political Thought ( ESHPT ) History Helsinki, Finland  
8-Aug - 10-Aug African Studies Association of the United Kingdom ( ASAUK ) African Studies Cardiff, UK Joed Elich , Franca de Kort
23-Aug - 29-Aug 23rd International Congress of Historical Sciences ( ICHS ) History Poznan, Poland Diethard Sawicki
23-Aug - 29-Aug 22nd Quinquennial World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions ( IAHR ) Religious Studies Otago, New Zealand Laura Morris
23-Aug - 27-Aug International Law Association 79th Biennial Conference ( ILA ) International Law Kyoto, Japan Lindy Melman
24-Aug - 28-Aug 47th Congress of Societas Internationalis Historiae Medicinae ( ISHM ) History Riga, Latvia Stefan Einarson
25-Aug - 28-Aug European Educational Research Association ( ECER ) Education Glasgow, UK Evelien van der Veer
25-Aug - 28-Aug Thirteenth Biennial Iranian Studies Conference ( AIS ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Salamanca, Spain Kathy van Vliet
26-Aug - 30-Aug 26th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting ( EAA ) Classical Studies Budapest, Hungary Mirjam Elbers
1-Sep - 1-Sep International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies ( COMFAS ) History Vienna, Austria Wendel Scholma
2-Sep - 5-Sep European Association for Urban History Conference 2020 ( EAUH ) History Antwerp, Belgium Wendel Scholma
6-Sep - 9-Sep 25th Kongress der Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie ( DGPhil ) Philosophy Erlangen, Germany Jennifer Pavelko , Michael Kienecker
7-Sep - 11-Sep 42nd Kölner Mediaevistentagung History Cologne, Germany Kate Hammond
8-Sep - 11-Sep 53rd Deutscher Historikertag History München, Germany Diethard Sawicki
10-Sep - 12-Sep European Society of International Law Annual Conference ( ESIL ) International Law Stockholm, Finland Lindy Melman , Bea Timmer
12-Sep - 19-Sep International Association of Wood Anatomists Fossil Wood Symposium ( IAWA ) Biology Prague, Czech Republic Stefan Einarson
16-Sep - 18-Sep 4th European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies ( Turkologentag ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Mainz, Germany Maurits van den Boogert , Franca de Kort
22-Sep - 25-Sep Vereinigung für Afrikawissenschaften in Deutschland ( VAD ) African Studies Frankfurt, Germany Franca de Kort
25-Sep - 27-Sep 123rd Confernece: Görres Gesellschaft Zur Pflege der Wissenschaft Philosophy Regensburg, Germany Michael Kienecker , Martin Illert
1-Oct - 1-Oct The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference Annual Conference ( SCSC ) History Baltimore, MD, USA Arjan van Dijk , Jörg Persch , Martin Illert
1-Oct - 4-Oct 44th Annual Meeting of the German Studies Association ( GSA ) Literature and Cultural Studies Arlington, VA, USA Jörg Persch , Andreas Knop
1-Oct - 2-Oct 13th Annual Nebraska Space Law Conference ( NSL ) International Law Washington, DC, USA Marie Sheldon
7-Oct - 9-Oct Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreis Militärgeschichte e. V. ( AKM ) History Potsdam, Germany Diethard Sawicki
7-Oct - 11-Oct Annual Meeting Society for the History of Technology ( SHOT ) History New Orleans, LA, USA Stefan Einarson
8-Oct - 10-Oct Evangelisch-Theologischer Fakultätentag ( E-TFT ) Theology and World Christianity München, Germany Jörg Persch , Martin Illert
10-Oct - 13-Oct Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting ( MESA ) Middle East and Islamic Studies Washington, DC, USA Maurits van den Boogert , Kathy van Vliet , Nicole van der Hoek
14-Oct - 18-Oct Frankfurter Buchmesse ( FBF ) Sales Frankfurt, Germany Sales Team
23-Oct - 25-Oct Society for the Scientific Study of Religion ( SSSR ) Religious Studies Pittsburgh, PA, USA Laura Morris
2-Nov - 6-Nov Charleston Library Conference ( CLC ) Sales Charleston, SC, USA Jörg Persch , Ute Schnückel , USA Sales Team
2-Nov - 7-Nov Association for Educational Communications and Technology International Convention ( AECT ) Education Jacksonville, FL, USA John Bennett
5-Nov - 8-Nov 52nd Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies ( ASEEES ) Slavic Studies Washington, DC, USA Diethard Sawicki
12-Nov - 15-Nov National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference ( NWSA ) Social Sciences Minneapolis, MN, USA John Bennett
18-Nov - 21-Nov American Schools of Oriental Research 2020 Annual Meeting ( ASOR ) Ancient Near East and Egypt Boston, MA, USA Katelyn Chin , Erika Mandarino
19-Nov - 21-Nov 63rd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association ( ASA ) African Studies Washington, DC, USA Joed Elich
19-Nov - 21-Nov Association for the Study of Higher Education ( ASHE ) Education New Orleans, LA, USA John Bennett
21-Nov - 24-Nov Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion ( AAR/SBL ) Biblical Studies, Religious Studies Boston, MA, USA Laura Morris , Jörg Persch , Martin Illert
28-Nov - 30-Nov 28th Annual Meeting of the Netherlands Society for Behavioural Biology ( NVG ) Biology Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands Stefan Einarson
11-Dec - 13-Dec International Association for Intercultural Education ( IAIE ) Education Athens, Greece Evelien van der Veer
13-Dec - 15-Dec 52nd Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies ( AJS ) Jewish Studies Washington, DC, USA Jörg Persch , Erika Mandarino


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