Forthcoming Series: Chinese Texts in the World


Series editors: Zong-qi Cai, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and Yuan Xingpei, Peking University

Chinese Texts in the World explores the divergent paths taken by Chinese texts as they were transmitted, re-interpreted, reinvented, and further disseminated beyond China in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The series will also examine how some of these reconfigured texts made their way back to China, to be reconstituted as culturally polyvalent, hybrid “imports”.

Lay readers, students, and scholars familiar with non-Chinese literary traditions may find hitherto unknown Chinese factors, or new implications of Chinese influence, in such traditions, while students of traditional Chinese learning (so-called guoxue) can explore trends in the re-interpretation of Chinese texts under the influence of Western critical paradigms. The series will also track how translations have shaped perceptions of Chinese culture abroad. Whether they were transmitted along the ancient Silk Road, or through modern digital technologies, such well-traveled texts hold great promise for illuminating multiple aspects of China’s cultural relations with the world.

ISSN: 2666-2361


《Chinese Texts in the World》介绍了中文文献在中国以外地区,包括亚洲、欧洲、非洲和美洲进行传播、再解释、再创造和进一步传播这一过程中所采取的不同路径。本丛书还将带领读者了解这些经过重新加工的文本是如何回到中国的,以及如何作为多元文化的混合“舶来物”被吸纳、接收、再发展。

通过阅读这套英语丛书,广大的非专业读者、学生、学者可能会在他们自己的文学和文化传统中发现一些迄今未为人所知的中国因素,或获得有关中国文化影响的新理解。 同时,从事国学研究的学生和学者则可以洞察西方学界在西方批评范式的影响下重新解释中国文献的最新趋势。这套丛书还将追踪中国经典翻译以何种方式塑造了海外对中国文化的看法。丛书所涵盖的文献,,既有沿古代丝绸之路传播的古代典籍,也有通过现代数字技术传播的论著。纷呈多彩的中文文献不断地走出域外,而它们远涉万里、遍及五大洲的行程,犹如一条条连接中国和世界文化的纽带,对于加深彼此相互了解,共同推动人类文明的进步具有极为深远的意义。丛书追溯中文文献的流传、中华文化的传播和再造的过程,希冀将读者带入美不胜收的文化探胜之旅。


Students and scholars interested in Chinese literary traditions that have traveled, have been translated or reinterpreted and become part of Chinese world literature.

Editorial Board

  • Stephen Roddy, University of San Francisco
  • Leo Tak Hung Chan, Lingnan University, Hong Kong