Data Sharing Policy


Brill supports and encourages FAIR sharing of data in all our publications. As a publisher focused on the humanities and social sciences, international law and selected areas in the sciences, Brill recognizes the diversity of these fields and respects the various standards and methods within each discipline. We encourage authors to share their research assets, data or captured materials whenever possible according to repository and archival standards. Brill supports researchers by providing the tools and frameworks required for authors to fully link, cite and share their research materials.

FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, is a global standard across academic research. Brill supports the use of FAIR as a publication standard and agrees that the term ‘data’ does not apply equally across all disciplines. We share the definition provided by the larger community that ‘data’ in the humanities and social sciences is broadly all materials and assets that are collected, generated, and used during the research cycle.1.

Brill endeavors to provide our authors with supportive and accommodating publication services for data sharing. As such we have deployed the procedure of Data Availability Statements to all our journals and look to provide similar services for other publication formats.



1: Advising report: Harrower, Natalie, Maryl, Maciej, Biro, Timea, Immenhauser, Beat, & ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities. Sustainable and FAIR Data Sharing in the Humanities: Recommendations of the ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities, Digital Repository of Ireland [Distributor], Digital Repository of Ireland [Depositing Institution].