Catalogs, Flyers and Price Lists


This page contains digital copies of Brill promotional materials, as well as title lists in Excel. Please note that product-specific materials, such as journal flyers, can be found on that product's page in the catalog. Click on one of the options from this list to jump to that category:


File Title Subject
New and Forthcoming Online Resources 2019 - Q1/Q2 General
Art History Catalog 2019 Art History
Asian Studies Catalog 2019 Asian Studies
Biblical Studies Catalog 2018 Biblical Studies
Classical Studies Catalog 2019 Classical Studies
Education Catalog 2019 Education
History Catalog 2019 History
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Catalog 2019 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
International Law 2019 International Law
Jewish Studies Catalog 2018/2019 Jewish Studies
Languages and Linguistics Catalog 2019 Languages and Linguistics
Middle East and Islamic Studies Catalog 2019 Middle East and Islamic Studies
Philosophy Catalog 2019 Philosophy
Religious Studies and Theology Catalog 2018 Religious Studies
Slavic and Eurasian Studies Catalog 2019 Slavic Studies
Social Sciences Catalog 2018 Social Sciences

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Price Lists

File Title Subject
2019 Online Resources General
2019 E-Book Collections General
2019 Online Journal Collections General
2018 Online Journal Archives General
2019 Journal Program General
2019 Journal Program - Additional Information General
Product Price List General
Product Price List - Forthcoming General
Brill | Rodopi Product Price List General

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Forthcoming Publications (F-Pubs)

File Title Subject
Brill F-Pubs Q1 2019 General
Brill F-Pubs Q2 2019 General
Brill F-Pubs Q3 2018 General
Brill F-Pubs Q4 2018 General
Law F-Pubs Q1 2019 International Law
Law F-Pubs Q2 2018 International Law
Law F-Pubs Q3 2018 International Law
Law F-Pubs Q4 2018 International Law

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File Title Subject
The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek Languages and Linguistics
African Studies Highlight Folder 2018 African Studies
Ancient Near East and Egypt Highlight Folder 2018-2019 Ancient Near East and Egypt
Children’s Rights Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Publications of The Hague Academy of International Law International Law
Historical Materialism Social Sciences
International Humanitarian Law / Military Law Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Investment, Trade, and Economic Law International Law
Law of the Sea / Environmental Law 2019 International Law
Highlights in Literature and Cultural Studies 2019 Literature and Cultural Studies
Minority and Group Rights Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Russian Revolution Centenary Slavic Studies
Studies in Critical Social Sciences Social Sciences
Yearbook of International Organizations (Online) International Relations

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General Flyers

For a list of product promotional materials, including flyers that can also be found on each individual product page, please click here.

File Title Subject
E-Book Collections 2019 Flyer General
Evidence Select 2019 Flyer (EBA) General
E-Book Select 2019 Flyer (Pick and Choose) General
MyBook Flyer General
Journal Archives 2018 Flyer General
Library Recommendation Form General

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Product Flyers By Subject

We created a separate page containing digital copies of Brill promotional materials that were created to promote specific products, sorted by subject area. Please note that these flyers can also be found on the individual product pages in the catalog.


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