Forthcoming Series: Papuan Languages


Edited by Antoinette Schapper and Lila San Roque

This section of Grammars and Sketches of the World's Languages is for descriptive work concerning Papuan languages. The series is open to contributions on any language among the so-called “non-Austronesian” languages spoken in and around New Guinea. Descriptions can be based on a range of  data sources, including field studies, archival materials, or translation pieces (e.g., biblical texts). Reworkings of earlier studies (e.g., tagmemic grammars) will also be considered. Edited volumes that comprise multiple short sketches that form a coherent volume are also welcome. Ideally, volumes will include sketch-texts-lexicon, but this is not a requirement. Submissions of grammars or sketches authored by native speakers or local scholars are especially encouraged.

We encourage a unifying typological approach, aiming for contributions that are intelligible to the wider linguistic readership. Authors are expected to follow Leipzig glossing rules and IPA conventions. The editors may specify the TOC structure and the list of abbreviations; these will be discussed with authors at the book proposal stage.

This is a peer-reviewed series and editors will work with authors and reviewers to ensure high standards. For information on book proposals and publishing with Brill, please see the Publishing Books with Brill pages.

Biographical Information

San Roque and Schapper are specialists in the Papuan languages of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia respectively.