Forthcoming Series: Handbooks of Literary and Cultural Studies


Each Handbook offers an intuitively structured scope of specially commissioned essays reflecting on the history, theories, current debates and future of a particular field of research.

This Handbook series comprises of two strands of reference works:
1) The traditional multi-author Handbooks that include authoritative and up-to-date surveys of research in literary study, that give critical examinations of the progress and direction of debates, as well as a foundation for future research.
2) Concise one-author Handbooks that engage with the history of a field in literary study, where it came from, where it has got to, and where it is going. It is an authoritative narrative, by someone who witnessed at first hand the rise of this field of study, has been involved in all its debates, and can explain to the reader what those debates have been about. These handbooks enable the reader to understand and appreciate the endlessly productive clashes and incompatibilities in forming theories.

Handbooks in Literary and Cultural Studies provide scholars and graduate students with compelling new perspectives on perennial questions and authoritative overviews of the history of research in Literary Studies and beyond.

Ideas and proposals for new Handbooks can be sent to the publisher, Masja Horn.

ISSN: 2772-5456

Forthcoming Handbooks:

  • Concise Handbook of Word and Music Studies
  • Handbook of Short Fiction
  • Handbook of Neo-Victorial Studies
  • Handbook of Periodical Studies
  • Handbook of Textual Scholarship
  • Handbook of Word and Image studies
  • Handbook of Literature and Ethics
  • and more...

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